“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I would love to be but will never be

 Sadhu with dog in Himalaya-1938

In the pages of an old LIFE  I chance upon 
This, the portrait of my innermost me.

A me that I might never be, never see
A self that is the farthest from me
A life that is furthering from me
As I run, run away from me...

************ Balachandran V, Trivandrum 08-09-2011


  1. To me this resembles your earlier post Caught behind to a great extent...

  2. Absolute nonsense. I see you are confused. If you say this is your inner self either you are terribly delirious and hallucinating all the while or your are trying to find comfort in absolute nonsense and gibberish.

    If you claim that your inner self that you wish is a wanderer in the Himalayas I would agree and say you are truthful. This picture of this man , lost person and claim that it is your alter ego is stretching things quite far at least from the perspective of people like me who know you qute a while.

  3. Dear Balachandran,
    your thoughts are always much ahead than we can ever think. you Always surprised us by your surprising posts. the one other is here.
    Nice one..

  4. Dont we all go through the same ..
    we all want to be someone sometime someplace at some stage or the other of our life ..


  5. Hahaha look at Anil's comment.

    So whats the truth Balan?

    Would you want to be a wanderer with nothing to worry about in this world, leave behind your worries, your possessions, family, loved ones and just have a mongrel for a company? If the answer is a consistent and strong YES every time - then yeah!!!

  6. how i wish i could be him too....care a damn for the world and walking with my dog...

  7. @Anil: 'If you have a dream, do not share it
    With those you share reality!' :-)

  8. What to write Balachandran ? The head itself says a lot.In a way,the wanderer there is inside each one of us.We are the so called 'executive versions' outwardly.So the soul which you mention and the deeper feeling is what matters.(I am sure this is not the 'sreenivasan' in that film whom the people are familiar with.But the ones who really know what they know and dare to be silent)

    Being empty is being rich..

    (I am having this deep desire to re-read Anand's book "Vettakkaaranum Virunnukaranum" while reading this.It's the best of Anand.)

  9. Da let us not confuse frustrations with extremes that we will never go after, be it telling or not , ones dreams to people with whom we share reality. A power picture of an ascetic (?) and good lines you have penned.

  10. @Melange: Thank you for once again correctly, instinctively connecting to my thought. Wandering in the Himalayas with my dog - if not as an ascetic then as just a wanderer! I would love to be a Sadhu in the real sense, but I might never have the guts to relinquish possessions and relations. It is not, as Anil assumes 'frustration' - I don't what made him say that!:-)

  11. Now that all escape routes are closed, think of alternatives.


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