“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mirror images

At the fair, at my favorite stall with distorted mirrors
I look at 
A squat me
A fat me
A looong me
A twisted me
A me I think me
A shattered me 
A stretched me - 

the images begin to speak
They raise a finger at me
and says I am you you are me 
I am you you are me - 

I hide a smile - 

They too...

************* Balachandran V Trivandrum, 08-09-2011


  1. but that's a girl?

    i kind of find these mirrors, not funny :(

  2. Haa Distortion fools!!

    So why hide a smile?

  3. The truth is Balachandran,even with perfect mirrors we see the 'reality'..that disturbs and haunts.

    Yes,speak in volumes !

  4. Confused, distort, better that way I guess if the face of reality is discomfort..

    A great escape into the delusion.

  5. To all: The last 4 posts ( should I call them poems?) are connected in someway, which I'd rather let you, the reader to discover rather than explaining it.

    Family, friends, acquaintances - they all assume they know you. What they know is only a part, only a distortion or a version they believe to be you. Actually even you do not know who you are. Like Ramana Maharshi said, the real you is what remains when all things known about you are removed.

  6. @Insignia: I hid a smile, the others too did - and all were wrong! :-)

    @Chintan: I couldn't find a better picture in the internet; hence the girl! :-)

    @Anil: You got it all different. It has nothing to do with 'frustrations, delusions, escape, confusion'. It is just part of process through which i am trying to understand myself. I am amused by the conclusions that you have drawn - on this post as well as the previous one.

  7. Ha Balan dey,
    if you are amused that made my day!!

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  9. Hi Balan, Wanted to let you know that I've visited you a few times in the past weeks ; but every time I log on to read you, the page jumps so badly that I can't really read it...Maybe it's the world globe or something..I only have that problem here..anyway, I thought your mirror image blog was quite neat.....
    I posted a song on my blog page just now...I think it will be to your liking; if I recall correctly and I think I do... Take care Balan...I hope you are well....

  10. Kavita has nicely said about it. "your heart is supposed to be a mirror". Its a part of lyrics of a Hindi song.


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