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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dreamers to Note

If you have a dream, do not share it
With those you share reality.
They will never understand.

If you have a wish, do not utter it aloud
Wishes are like butterflies, they die too soon.

If you have a vision, friend, close your eyes
Lest others snatch the light.

Close your eyes, fellow dreamers
Close your mind, hide it
In the farthest, deepest recess as possible.

One day, we will call for a conclave
Where we all will sit in a circle
Around a hearth of love
Huddled inside a cloak of trust
Our faces lit up with the glow of faith

We will giggle, rub our noses together
Kiss the nape of our necks
And tell us all about each other
And hold our hands tight, tight, tight...

Till then - do not share your dreams -
With those you share reality...

*********** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 28-08-2011


  1. I think I find a common feeling here, , but at the same time perhaps if dreams can aid being farther from reality , by dreaming itself?

    But then I wonder who you refer to - "the ones you share reality" and "the ones you share dreams".

  2. For sure I reach for the conclave if you inform.To be in that hearth of love,to experience how it will be like to get huddled up inside a cloak of trust (My God I love that usage).

    If you ask me to pick up one line of passion,that haunts you,that can wobble you,that's going to be "with those you share REALITY".

    In fact,by bringing the 'conclave' there,it has gone to levels.I wonder how words can bright up and paint elegance to situations.And yes,my visuals came from there.And that had resemblance with "Embers' of Sandor Marai.

  3. I agree, sir. And I always have shuddered at the thought of sharing my dreams with those who extol the virtue of being practical,phew!

  4. :-) Good one.

    We will giggle, rub our noses together
    Kiss the nape of our necks
    And tell us all about each other
    And hold our hands tight, tight, tight...

    Just like kids do :)

  5. what a poem! can relate so well to the thoughts.

  6. @Chintan: Truth, yes, very private truth!

    @Anil: Whom I refer to? I surely must be, but what is more important is how you as a reader relates to it.

    @Kavita: One more for the Dream Brigade!

    @Melange: Thanks for the most encouraging words. Imagining myself inside the 'cloak of trust', I had that warm, intimate, secure sense - dreamers are often denied that feeling... Have to check out the book you mentioned.

    @Arun: Exactly! Makes that mistake too often,and boy, how ridiculed I am by the listeners!

    @Bindu: Yes, the key is to retain the 'kid' in you!

    @KPJ: That shows how young we really are! :-)

    @NRI girl: That's the spirit! :-)

  7. Knock knock ! koi hai ? How are you ?

  8. Beautiful composition but I feel sharing makes me more happy.

  9. Cudn agree more. also Mounan vidhwanu bhooshanam :)


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