“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Caught Behind

Every time I am caught
With my back to someone's camera
I look aghast
Refusing to believe, to accept
That the unfamiliar posterior of a human head
With dirty grey wisps of hair
Like an odd-looking horseshoe
Stuck on a hairless scalp
That reflects the light of the camera flash
Is  really me
Hiding behind an anterior
I thought I knew all my life -

A view of myself that I will never see
With my own eyes...

Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 26-08-2011


  1. :-) "With dirty grey wisps of hair"

    Silvery streaks is what I would say

    Yeah the reality struck you long ago which makes it all the more easier. :)

    A suggestion Balan.

    Introduce an empty line after "With my own eyes..."

    I almost missed as the end line and your sign comes right after.

  2. @B: Done!

    Don't you think it is intriguing that you can never see your eyes with your own eyes? Or never see the back of your head? It is depressing. Will I never be able to see myself by myself?

  3. It has got me thinking many times you know. I have pondered over it and accepted the beauty of creation.

    Well, think about it. If we could see your own eyes; it wouldnt be possible to be dishonest isnt it? :-)

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  5. I don't know but that click itself is a poem.It's beyond words.It is torturing me in many ways.The backpack,the animal,the greenery,yet to reach boundary,altogether it's life written in a way with a piece of visual.

    Then,I loved the lines especially I thought I knew my life".That's it.The pretty hidden ego of ours,which is there hiding,the back,we can't see.Yet others watch,others judge.We can't.Life is full of miracles in itself.

  6. @NRI Girl: Thanks, Hepzibah!

    @Melange: The location is the PFA Animal Shelter ( mainly stray dogs) at Naruvammoodu, Trivandrum. The dog behind me is a pure Labrador Retriever which was abandoned by a breeder when the dog had too many litters and got old. The backpack on my shoulder is the one discarded by K at the completion of +2!

    And you caught the hidden ( not too well) idea. To me both the obvious and the hidden were startling truths!

    @Chintan: Glad you liked it. Do go through the old posts whenever you feel like it; its a masala pot!

    @B: We now know each other well enough, don't we?

  7. he he..
    reality turns back.

    I loved the phrase "odd-looking horseshoe"

  8. Call it ,'the dark side of the moon'.

    The faithful behind you in the pic! I guess that was coincidence when who so ever clicked the camera.

    Long walk to the other world, like in the end of Mahabaratha, the faithful canine for company.

  9. @Thampi: Long time no see!

    @Anil: Yes, after putting in the picture, I too was reminded of Mahabharata!

    K took the picture; the one before this has me scratching my ass!

  10. you excel yourself, Balan!!!!!

    Ha Ha Ha!!!

  11. @Venu: :-)

    @Blue Periwinkle: Thanks!

  12. Well Anil already said what i wanted to say .Mahabharata.Hope your health is fine now .


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