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Thursday, August 23, 2012

All India Bank Strike!

Two-day strike, but I reached home only in the evening of the first day. Wasn't sure if the Strike would be held, so has been the history of bankers in strike; left Alleppey in the morning, attended a marriage at Kollam at noon. Today, on the second day of the strike, I am short of cash and go to five ATMs, of different banks, including mine. They all say, 'REGRET'; probably cash in the ATMs must be fully exhausted. As I leave the fifth, a man standing outside asks me- ' Got money?' I shake my head and he clucks sympathetically and adds - "Those ---------ers! Striking for two days in this Onam season! ----ers should be thrown out!" I nod - whether it was in concurrence or not, I hope he could not recognize....!

******************** Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 23.08.2012


  1. Was it in concurrence?

    Different people have different opinions, I do not agree to strikes. Somehow it represents, to me, a strong sense of juvenile rebellion. Often misguided and in-disciplined,they just harbour laziness in the already laid back youth of the nation.

  2. @Sujata: :-) This was written in a light vein,showing how the 'victimizer' became the 'victim'!

    As far as the strike is concerned, one has to look at the issues involved. Talks had been going on for the last few months till day before yesterday night. One has to remember, Sujata, that India has no scruples whatsoever and is among the countries with the highest rate of corruption. Look at the Coal Mine Scam, with loss of nearly 2 lakh crores to the exchequer. If the government and authorities are let to have their own way, the country will go to the dogs, sooner. What else to do but to strike and show resistance?

  3. Cannot have the cake and eat it too!!!!!!

  4. There are different perspectives coming through on strikes. I agree that there are issues involved but a strike does not tackle any of these core issues. It creates inconvenience to the public and the ordinary person out there. Those who make decisions are not affected by these strikes as badly. To look at the issues involved, it is important to communicate clearly and a strike does the opposite. It is more reactive. This doesn't mean that the govt can have its way or that the authorities can exploit others. Strike is not the solution is what I believe strongly, esp if we want the nation to move forward.

  5. @Sanand: Do look up the demands of the bank employees - I think they are justifiable. If the government or IBA do not concede to it, what is the recourse? Put yourself in the shoes of the employees and you might understand. And about the nation going forward - that's a laugh!! Just look at the scams, the black money, the corruption and injustice! it is very prim and proper to believe that nothing is wrong with the country and its government, like the proverbial kitten lapping up its milk.


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