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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Sometimes,  when  I pause
After a burst of machine-gun
Tapping at the keyboard
And read what I typed in
I discover gaps - a word, 
Two words or more -
Phrases that had passed through my brain
But failed to reach, fast enough
to the tips of my fingers

Though I can type blindfolded
Though I tap in unblinking
Thoughts that had formed in my mind
Words that had formed in my head
Murmured at my lips -
Slipped -
Missing -
Blank - 

Omissions - glaring - 

I am anguished - 
Did I omit to tell you
That I love you? 

******** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 29.05.2012


  1. Oh! No! Call P at once; she will understand!

  2. What if you omit ?
    the gaps,the pause
    the beauty,
    She (or he)may grab it from
    the screen.

    polite meaningless words sometimes fail..

  3. Haa yeah sometimes the most beautiful things in life cant be expressed :) So its ok to have gaps and miss few words.

  4. @NRIgirl: :-) After 22 years, P is resigned; but then, I touch her hand...

    @Melange': While writing it, I was constantly reminded of 'Iris' and Lady Dench and John Bayley... - and my mother...

    @Insignia: 'Kora kagaz tha jeevan mera, likh liya naam isme tera...

  5. Come on it took all this while to feel that you missed out to say ? I'm certain, not
    By the way the power of the lines are sublime.

  6. @anil: dey, it has nothing to do with the real. It is just a piece of fantasy.

  7. Dey, I know for sure. Just a pun.

  8. Balachandran, you did it again. Thoughtful though...

  9. @Sujata; thanks, glad you liked it!

    @Vetrimagal; Thank you! Do drop in often .

    @Cherian: Just a spur of the moment thing...


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