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Monday, May 28, 2012

On Seeing a Dead Snake

Snakes don't close their eyelids
'Coz snakes can't close their eyelids.
Fused, the eyelids keep the eyes open
From birth to postmortem.
Perhaps, as the rest of the body rots away,
The eyeballs would lie there forever,
Twinkling like forlorn stars.

Scared of the vacant look of death,we
Scramble to pull down our dead's eyelids.
Perhaps, if we didn't,
they would light up stars
In somebody else's eyes...

******** Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 28.05.2012


  1. Perhaps not everyone would be bold as you :)

  2. "Perhaps", it must be not thrown to chance for it can. Dey pretty good lines that are thoughtful

  3. mr B - your simple lines holds so much of thoughts, that should get any sane mans brain pumping with action.. i loved the last three lines about closing our eye lids on the fear of death and missing the chance to be a star in anoder mans life..

    on 2nd thoughts, I had filled an eye donation form and have given it to the organisation some years back..and my folks aren't keen about it..but then since they believe in the order death approaches, they haven't made much a scene..but i always wonder if i become matter whilst my folks are alive, would they ever inform the organisation or cremate me silently before anyone has a chance to be reminded about my wish to gift my eyes..

  4. Is that a picture you managed to capture? If only the dead could speak. Truth is, many who have pledged to donate their eyes/organs have gone to the other world without having their wishes fulfilled, because we get so busy grieving the dead that most often we fail to bring life to the person's wishes / dreams!

  5. @RGB: No, that is from the 'net. I guess it takes a lot of courage to donate eyes or other organs.

    I just saw this dead snake in the backyard - thus the inspiration!


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