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Monday, November 7, 2011

While We were Away

Now that I am just a weekend visitor and K turns up only once in a quarter, P has all the time to herself. She is evermore active than when we were around.  She has enough and more work at the College, what with being the HoD of her dept., etc.  She is involved with a couple of nature conservation NGOs; often she is asked to give a talk or conduct a quiz or preside over a meeting - she commits herself to all these and more with gusto.

And now with the men away, she has discovered new arenas of passion - Saree designing and Jewelry making - and she is making  money too!


The photographs were taken by me - sorry, not done justice to her efforts. I've asked P to get a mannequin to drape the sarees on to.

Needless to add, I'm goddamn proud of her!

Balachandran, Trivandrum, 07-11-2011


  1. Nice stuff Mr.B...P is pretty good at it. I showed it to my mom and she really loved some things too... We'd like buy some of these..how do we go about it?

    Btw....My wedding is around the corner - do send me your address - you must come!!

  2. I agree you have not done justice to her with the pictures. Kindly consider reposting them in bigger size and if there is a link from where one could order stuff, post it along.

    Glad to hear all is well.

  3. That's indeed a nice thing to be PROUD of Balachandran.Lovely !

  4. Wohhooo fantabulous! You have every reason to be proud of P :)

  5. I guess Virgo women are creative and enterprising besides the tenacious independent traits, except for some exceptions that are born aberrations.I think you will agree.
    Certainly the pictures have not done justice to the objects.

  6. Congratulations! Beautiful! All the best!
    My wife has a request (I sense trouble!)- what kind of material are they? She is all excited!

  7. that is so cool. finding time for all the collg stuff and this too?! kudos to mrs B :)


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