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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Days begin with Good Deeds

These days I am in the mood for my sporadic excercise regimes. Perhaps that began with my recent foray into 'manhandling' as many of my readers had unkindly commented on the incident. I understand their dislike of violence, but even the most laid-back, confrontation-avoiding type like me has to react when somebody humiliates me, taking me for an easy pick, because of my age and bulk.

There is a bicycle here which I had bought for K when he passed his 10th. A 6-speed bike, with a narrow, sporty seat that barely supports my rear. Typical of K, he rode it only very rarely; the excuse is that flat stretches of roads are hard to come by; and the heavy pollution of the internal combustion engines. So, in the garage, the poor bike rested to near rust, until I had this idea of using it instead of morning walks.

Today morning I got up at around 0500, filled up the water tanks and then went off for a ride and to buy milk. As I was labouring over an incline, I found this mobile phone lying right in the middle of the road. I got down, put it in my pocket and at home tried to find the owner. The instrument was a low-end Nokia model; the number of contacts were less than 20. I couldn't make out the owner, so I let it be. Half an hour later the owner called me. I told him how to come to my place and left him my mobile number.

Decades ago, I once helped a blind man cross the road at the busy University College area. I was unemployed, disgruntled and disillusioned with life at that time. I couldn't have cared if the entire world were blind. But when I saw this man standing beside me waiting to cross the road, I instinctively offered to help him cross it. Perhaps that was the first time I ever held the hand of a blind man. Once across the road, he thanked me politely and moved on. I – I distinctly remember that I floated home.

Today better be a good day. Well, things can always go wrong, but I am kinda optimistic – maybe a good deed every morning is the key to a good life!

“Woh Subha Kabhi to Aayegi…….” :-)

********** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 06.04.2011


  1. Mr B @ guess u have a point..good days definitely begin with good deeds & thoughts..remember a time when i used to wake up listening to the birds chirping in my small town, with a prayer in mind..days used to be awesome..but now ma hands stretch out for that pack of cigarettes lying by the bed side, the first thing every morning..and sure life seems to be passing through a narrow dark alley with loads of smoke..

    wish things were more simple..

  2. Pure indulgence!! I am beginning to envy you Sir!

    Lucky you. Its that sense of satisfaction and happiness after such gestures; however simple they may be.

    Keep going :)

  3. Good deeds begin with a "good morning" and a "thank you"!
    And also remember the cliché," no good deed goes unpunished".

  4. @Ousu: It is such little instances that makes life worthwhile. In spirit, both donating vast sums for charity and helping a visually challenged person cross the street are the same. The difference is in the satisfaction like Insignia said.

    @Insignia:Just one of those light breezes that whiffs by...

    @Anil: Saying 'Good morning'? and 'Thank you'? Yeah, maybe. I wouldn't know.

  5. sir ,one award for u .please visit my blog at www.raji1082.blogspot.com

  6. floated back home... :) nice nice. may u have great, amazing, energy-filled days ahead and supremely make up for that bad day. and u knw what im taking cycle lessons..i never got an opportunity to learn it during early years and now i am. and i am loving it :)

  7. Now I read this post.It's a nice feeling when you do such deeds .Indeed it was a pleasant morning for you.

  8. Mr B @ all i know about u is from the blogs and u seems to be more close a contemporary to my appa and uncles..and a thing i find common with all you people, is the zest for life..the morning walks and filling water tanks, sure some are responsibilities, some for fun..but i find a passion with which people of ur generation go about simple things..
    when home, i find my appa drop amma at d train station and den walk to the church very early in the morning..and they do it everyday..summer winter n rain..i keep asking them why cant u drive instead of walk?? and d answer is always a smile and its our time together and we like the walk... i fail to understand it..the fun in walking a mile and den starting a two hour commute to work, but for dem dats life..

  9. and it always brings on a feeling of envy.. the way you people are passionate about life and simple things in it...

  10. Hello Sir you said the right thing WOH SUBAH KABHI TO AYEGI .. aur zaroor ayegi ...

    Good deed is indeed a way forward if each one of us does ONE good deed a day imagine how the world would be a whole lot better place to live in ... and os many smiles ot seee ..


  11. Good deeds come from the heart.You will get rewards just by doing them. Sometimes it's a thank you, or a smile. More importantly it's a good feeling you will have inside you.

    It's also contagious! One random act of kindness can spread like wild fire. When you help a person they tend to want to help someone else in return.And it can go on.

    Good to see that you have started exercise.Don,t stop at friends or neighbors.The way you have started,you will just end up doing social service.
    I was reminded of my own exercise attempts while I was working at Palai.I would start my walk at about 6 in the morning,the time when Nasranis go to the church.They would stop the jeep to say hello,and pick me up and drop me back at the place I started!


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