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Saturday, January 22, 2011




  1. “Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith, I consider a capacity for it terrifying and absolutely vile”.You see Balan, quite few of the reactions are like beating about the bush, and evasive; the courage is lacking to hold the bull by its horns. Not that they are afraid of the apocalypse, but are apprehensive about the possibility of losing revenue, money that flood in.
    Acthuthanndahan, the canny communist, deftly avoided any controversy the other day, as he has the elections looming. Just know that when it comes to commerce and money, morality, ethics and truth will take the rear seat. They are dispensable traits.
    I do not know if the High Court could move a fig leaf. The best that they would do , order the Government to improve the infrastructure at the hill top, an euphemism to run down the forest and make way for a cosmopolitan township of Sabarimala !
    There is company in these matters, at the Haj, between 1994 and 1997, some four thousand perished during the annual pilgrimage, that despite far, far better infrastructure and facilities. The deaths occurred in stampedes during the ritual of stoning the devil. Again the Gods were silent and did not come to the rescue!
    It is worth thinking over what Mahatma Gandhi said about the subject,” faith must be enforced by reason... when faith becomes blind it dies”’

    Any body out there who would heed?

  2. The well known fact is being authorized now. Thats all. As Anil says, what would the HC do? Order to improve the facilities and the infrastructure. And maybe a better platform and more better fuel along with camphor so that the "vilakku" is more bright and lasts more longer; so that everyone gets a chance to see it

  3. Superstitions cut across boundaries of religion, caste, economic status, and even nationalities. Even in the US many superstitions prevail,suggesting that educational and material progress alone may not eliminate this problem.
    Scientists are also prone to having their untenable beliefs despite their eminence in their field of specialization.Clearly one man’s belief is another man’s superstition.
    Religions fuel irrational beliefs. In this respect no religion is exempt. Some of the most basic beliefs of most faiths can be called superstitions if the test of common sense and evidence is applied. I am sure that if I were to list them here I would be inciting a riot!. By the way, many riots ,religious or not ,begin with the irrational divide between them and us.

    Extremist ideology of the left or right have something in common..the tendency to divide people into two camps, the effort to demonise the other, the effort to create hatred of the other and the appeal to irrational emotions to fuel violence. At this point of time people suspend logic, common sense and common human considerations to kill. The Gujerat riots whose true dimensions are unfolding these days is just one example. Stalin and Mao are two of the most heinous men apart from Hitler who will go down in history for their irrational behavior to kill millions of innocent people. Perhaps this proves that atheists are also superstitious. Ideology, not religion is the basis for their brand of superstitions.

    How then can we eliminate superstitions? I am afraid there is no answer to this question.Over thousands of years of evolution,everything has changed,except the way we think.

  4. @Doc: It is not about superstition, Doc. It is deliberate defraud, a crime.


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