“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


“Let’s, let’s do it, uh”, asked Adam.
Pouting her lips,
Offering the cleavage, 
Eve, fluttering her eyelids, asked – “do what?”
“Let’s light up the forest”, said he
Looking up at the green hills,
“What fun would it be! This
Breeze would spread it far and wide”.
Widening her legs, inviting him, she said-
“Oh yeah, let’s, let’s have a firefuck!”
“Birds would rise, panicking from their roosts
Nests toast to a nice crisp.”
Drawing her close, he slapped hard;
Her rump burned; she moaned.
“Monkeys will fly, through the sky
The tufts on their tails, dancing balls of fire!”
Flies and flying ash looked alike.
Butterflies flew like flakes of corn.
Flames licked and ate the trees
As their hearts cracked and split.
Grass spread a carpet in red
For the firefuckers, to fuck to death.
A light in green smouldered and glowed,
In the mother-wolf's eyes, as she died.
************** Balachandran V. Nagercoil.02.02.2016
View from my residence. Forest fire, Nagercoil. 02.02.2016


  1. That is sad.. and I must say Bala sir reading the poem was a bit of shock tooo

    it is a beautiful view.. i hope the fire got controlled


    1. Bikram, Thanks for visiting! Blogging has become redundant. But I post once in a while, just to keep it alive. Not one of my better poems, I know. I meant to shock the reader, because most of the forest fires are man-made, without any thought for the other lives. That is why I used Adam and Eve. The dying she-wolf is from The Sand Country Almanac by Aldo Leopold, considered to be the holy book of nature conservation. Yes, the fire died two days later, after burning hills to ashes...

    2. That is so sad.. if only we humans are a bit more careful

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