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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

To My Wannabe Friends in Facebook.

I am flattered, no doubt
And pleased to some extent
That you request me to be your friend.
But pray, why?
Struck by my looks, I guess not.
Impressed by my words, I'd like to think so.
Seen a kindred soul, well, that's nice.
Enamoured by my images, hmm, well, maybe
Or not.
Then, tell me why.
I am not hot and sexy
Neither rich nor famous
Not a chance that I will win
The Nobel prize.
Be my friend, but tell me at least once
Why I should clutter your page
And vice versa.
My heart is not a door-less bus
That stops at every wave of a hand.
Not a passenger train
That you can enter ticket-less.
I am not a leaky tap
By the side of a street
Where you may quench your thirst;
Drink from me, but close the tap,
Let not my blood drip away.
I am not the Banyan tree
By the side of a blistering road
Where you may rest awhile and leave
Leaving your wastes strewn over my lap.
Friendship, oh my wannabe friend,
Is not a casual thing
I am not a hooker that
you can hump and leave.
Be my friend, but tell me
Beforehand why
So that I may know you
So that I can love you
So that we may cherish
Each other.
An offer of friendship
Is not a frivolous act.
To be a part of me
Of my life, of my thoughts
Is to enter
The sanctum sanctorum
Of my being.
Do not trample upon my heart.
****************** Balachandran V. Nagercoil. 13.01.2016


  1. Ah..the gimme a reason stand.

    Couldn't help but notice...Nagercoil?
    Have you shifted to Nagercoil or just a trip?

    1. :). Friendship, to me is not a one-night stand!

      Yes, in Nagercoil since last May. Parvati now teaches in a College here.

      Glad to see you!


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