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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Out of Focus

Image by Tiago Ribeiro

My camera has auto focus; switch it on, point, press -
It focuses on its own
All you have to do is to press down all the way.

Of late, the auto focus doesn't work.
I pull the focus ring  manually, forward and backward
It never focuses sharply.

This is the only camera I have; guess I will have to live
With images blurred.
To buy a new one is not an option
Till the next life, if there is one.

But I do take out my camera everyday
Brush it and blow away the dust
Tweak it here and there
Imagine sharp and clear images.

One day, it might snap back to  life.

************* Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 19.11.2013


  1. "One day, it might snap back to life". Until that day comes camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's world, as Susan Sontag said.

    1. :-) 'Camera' in this poem is a metaphor for my life... We always talk about ' how to be focused' in life. Today over a telephone conversation, a friend hinted at my lack of focus. :-) ; hence the poem!

    2. "This is the only camera I have; guess I will have to live
      With images blurred "

      Wet my eyes my friend..
      I hope manual or autofocus,
      the 'blurred vision' will finally
      make it's appearance there..
      Coz'your kind hands and soul
      would have 'touched' the camera
      so very often..

    3. But one day, I know, it will focus.... :-) Btw, Chena Molagoshyum was mouth watering.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful click as header there.I could sense how 'different' my Trivandrum looks now !

  3. Thank you. You wouldn't recognize MG Road now. Multi-storeyed Jewellery shops, Silk, shopping malls. You ever been to the 'Parakkovil' near Thirumala, from where you could a bird's eye view of Trivandrum? The once beautiful landscape is now marred with high-rise apartments...

  4. :) Haaa out of focus images form good bokeh images Balan. So enjoy your focus and out of focus moments :)

    1. :-D Yeah, esp;, when you have had a couple under the belt! You said it, I am kinda enjoying the current out of focus vision! :-)


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