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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Flowering Tree

It is spring; a tree flowers. 

You may love it

You may hate it  

You may fail to notice it. 

Nothing matters to the tree;

To flower in spring 

Is in the nature of the tree. 

******* Balachandran V. 27.01.2013


  1. Brilliant!

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  2. @Kavita: How lovely it would be to be a flowering tree in the spring!

    @Claudia: Thanks, Claudia! First came the image of the flowering tree into my mind and then the words...

    @Anil: The tree doesn't ask anybody to love it; nor does it try to impress its loveliness or goodness on the observer. The beauty and ugliness is in the observer. The same observer who loves the tree once, might come to hate it some other time - it is all in the observer and not in the tree. An environmental activist I know once said that when he started the construction of his house, whenever he saw a tree, he would mentally calculate the Cubic feet of its timber. What I have said of the tree holds good for everything - art, literature - and human beings themselves.

  3. :) Yeah! I sometimes hate the tree when it sheds those flowers and leaves on the car or on the ground and you have to sweep them off.

    But I love the same tree for it blooms with colorful flowers. But when has the tree cared? :)

  4. @Insignia: Park your car beneath a tree in the evening at Alleppey and overnight your black car would be turned to a DC design, thanks to the cormorants and egrets and all other guys who park themselves on the treetops! :-)

  5. Wonder if you are identifying with trees here in your reply?


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