“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Face to Face

At the bar, nursing a Romanov - or two
Sometimes three or four
I am forced to look into myself -
Not a pretty sight.

At the barber, as he twists my neck
Left and right, up and down
And then firmly upright
I am forced to look at myself -
Not a pretty sight either!

********** Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 15.11.2012


  1. Thats what you think SIR.. Ask the one who sees you in the right way ..

    and if it still does not convince you, come over and have a look at my pic from up and down - right and left :) you will have a smile for sure ..


  2. Yet few pretty lines,
    and thoughts !

  3. The mirror is to be blamed Balan Sir!

  4. Don't know what to say. Cheer up ! Have a nice weekend.

  5. @Bikram: Oh, you handsome big Sardar! Don't be so modest! :-)

    @Melange: Thanks,M.You always catch it. don't you? Actually, I penned it straight from a visit at the Barbershop. Honest, didn't like it much, but what to do, uh?

    So, a bit of self-mockery, a dash of humor and a lacing of philosophy! :-)

  6. @NRI girl: Thanks for the compliment!! :-)It is a poem, thats all. Not necessarily about me; it could be about me and a million others.

    @Kavita: Kavitaji, it is meant to be funny!! Just having fun, taking a dig at myself.

  7. Dey,
    I see that the comment I posted here has vanished. I presume it is the cyber jinx.
    Please allow me to rephrase my comment. The visuals you painted in the words is as usual wonderful. If poetry is the offshoot of the inner self as it has always been in your lines, leaving aside the beauty in the imagination you have to pull up our socks. If age and appearance are the matters of the mind then it is time you spend less agonizing over a mirror image or say that it is simply jest and enjoy the better things that you have been fortunate to be endowed with. Perhaps greater imagination and words may come out thereupon.

  8. I could only presume that no matter the face that one sees, every line represents the good times and the hard times. Each drawing a smile, a sigh or a memory upspoken for only your inner drawing board..from the inside out, a gentle man, writing gentle, winter quiet words...

  9. @Sandy: It has been quite a long time my friend, since I met you here! The poem is part-serious, part-funny! I am actually least bothered about my looks; and rather happy with my inner me!

    Like I wrote earlier, it is just a poem; the reader is the 'I', not the poet!

  10. Haaa very few can make fun of themselves. Those who do it are great! Few lines - simple and plain English - big on humor.

  11. I ask not to be pretty, just to stop agonising over my ugly self :)

    Your profile picture is as handsome as ever !!

  12. @Sujata: :-) I gotta show this to P pronto!! :-)

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  14. You look bloody good on that old chrome and red beauty while we are on the road, warts and all!!

    After four Romanovs, am not surprised you felt the way you did. The movers and shakers won't understand.

    And I have felt too the discomfiture of having to stare at that stranger on the mirror for 20 min every 2 months at the Barber's.


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