“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Monocular Views

Turning it inward, the first thing I noticed
Was the paleness of the Blue.
As I scanned, colours of different hues appeared
A bright saffron Red that excited me,
Greens, strange, I always felt erotic
Browns of barren lands and then
The White of the snow-capped hills.

I shook the Glass and Viola'! it turned
To a Kalaiedoscope.
Sparklers and bangle pieces
Tinted glass and tiny beads - I shake -
And marvel at the myriad  of love.

Love, in its infinite patterns, Love
That I knew, and that I didn't
Each design, falling into place
So different from the other, so unique!

I shake, I roll and yet another appears
How disturbing, how fragile, how tender it is!

I stand still, lest my arms shake,
And trying to forget, at least for the moment
That the beauty before me
Is of broken pieces of glass...

******** Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 17.06.2012


  1. You need to break somethings to make some thing :) Reality of life. I like the way you put it Balan. You have the knack of picking simple things and turning to philosophy.

  2. How charming you have drifted such a precious thought (of course the result of pains) to such sublime lines.

    When you go beyond paleness of blue,it's even sweeter to find the saffron.And the journey then never ends.It's all about how we ARE.isn't it ? It's you who found and finally the same you trying to forget..Amazing journey I love that.

    You are sometimes beyond words Balachandran,the POET in you exactly.

    I love to remember the lines from a song
    "Antharangathin sugandhathinal nammal thammil thirichariyunnu"

    Cheers !

  3. @Insiginia: Like the Chameleon, our moods too are linked to colours. Just think of it; try to link our state of mind to colours! You can see it, can't you? Similarly, the love that we feel for others - for our partner, for our child, our dogs, friends, nature, hobbies - all are different forms of love, so pretty! Yet how fragile and impermanent they are!

    @Melange: 'Antharangathin Sugandham! The fragrance of our inner selves! Perhaps that is how we recognize love, in the recognition of the fragrance of self! Love I do, my Sancho, or K or P or a friend, but how different is each feeling! The subtle differences is fascinating. Love cannot be defined...

  4. "...... to forget, at least for the moment
    That the beauty before me
    Is of broken pieces of glass..."

    There is much poetry in these lines; a special providence!

    Is there a colour for love?

  5. "Love is - a rainbow". If this were facebook; I would have 'liked' it :)

  6. Poem is very thought provoking and reminded the fascinating broken bangles..thanking you for sharing such wonderful lines

  7. Brilliant!! Loved this one to bits.

    Life, love everything that is beautiful is fragile, and maybe that is its beauty, tender like a butterfly, shattered like the shards of glass bangles. Death on the contrary stands rock solid and stern in its truthful and undeviating way. If only I could find its beauty...

  8. Very thoughtful and vivid!


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