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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Calicut Sketches

Sleeping from 2300 hrs to 0600, class from 0930hrs to 1900hrs - not much time left for myself and Calicut to have a powwow - but I managed what I could.

Calicut Beach. Pales into insignficance compared to the virginal beauty of Alleppey beach. And it is not clean as it should be. Mornings at the beach belong to the health conscious.

My room mate is a bhakta - devotee. On either of his wrists are tied multicoloured threads, nowadays the identity mark of the neo-Hindus. One evening he drags me to a festival at a nearby temple. I cannot stand that place for more than 10 minutes; a group of 'Idea Star Singers' were on the warpath with ear-deafening orchestra. PNB being the local Big Bank, has even sponsored an illumined God.

I take my camera  along to the classroom. Raised eyebrows. Those who have known me for many years ask - 'Eppallum nirthiyille ee paripadi?" Still the crazy bugger, aren't ya? I discover a beehive outside the glass windows of the 6th floor. And a Blue Rock Pigeon on the other side.

The fantastic vegetable market. It was astoundingly so clean; the sellers invariably seemed like jolly good fellows. I was fascinated by their lights - each vendor has his own, a recharged old m/cycle or car battery on which a bent pipe holds a CFL bulb aloft. Ingenuous! I take lengthy videos with my humble camera - it is fine through the viewer, but uploaded to the computer, not. It moves jerkingly. Sad. So, just a screen shot.

The Young Challangers Club - one of the cradles of Kerala Football. Started in 1936. This is the place where some of the greatest Malayalee footballers were born. Flashes of memory flit through my mind...

Across the pond you see the Comtrust buildings. One of the oldest textile factories started by Basel missionaries in 1844. Now, like most industries in Kerala, under Lockout!

EMS Namboothiripad and A K Gopalan. The founders of Communism in Kerala. You may admire them or hate them; it is upto you. But the fact remains that they were instrumental in changing the lives of generations of Malayalees; for the better.

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Romans 3:23

 The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.Timothy 1 :15

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Mark 16:16

I have not sinned; therefore I do not believe.

*********** Balachandran V, Calicut, 03.02.2012


  1. Didn't you feel good to be back in school? I am surprised,still you found time for this wonderful post.

    When I walk along the beaches here, I really pity the situations of our own beaches. Our rivers and beaches remain the dirtiest of places.The only dirtier place I had seen in pictures is Kashi,our holy place.

  2. mr B - some simple everyday scenes from calicut. I liked them. And thank you for affirming my stand about beaches in alapuzzha and calicut.

    local history and places, mr B, you should have been a thousand other things, but a Banker. I always get surprised.

  3. Good old Calicut...how i miss it!!

    Nice pics Mr.B...but i think you missed out some interesting places..like mananchira aquare and the second-hand book-shop near the library...

    Nevertheless...next time it is!!

  4. Balan,

    I feel sad when I see garbage around pristine water bodies.

    You work for a rich group; your bank sponsors the so called richest God on earth :P

    Liked the close up shot of the bees :) And yeah you should be someone else than a banker!!

  5. Well,that was so nice of you to record Calicut here..Brought back memories.The beehive click indeed is a valuable addition to your gallery..Would have regretted if you didn't carry the camera with you.
    The market scene,I completely agree with you..Looks nostalgic in a way.

    I wonder why you missed some fine homely eateries out there.Not about those professional biriyani people.Small eateries like 'Saina's" where you can have athisayapathiri,meen pathiri and all..Calicut journey I believe is not complete without food.

  6. Calicut and Kottayam, certainly has the better matters than the rest of the towns and cities in Kerala.

    A good roving camera work with a decent commentary.
    Love to be in Calicut, it is many years now.!
    EMS and AKG were certainly the men who made a difference to the feudal society there was in the state. And they can be disliked for their philosophy, but not hated like the many other con commies.

    And the end, I think it is a sin to burden all our sins on one poor soul!

  7. @Doc: Good to hear from you after a long time. Kashi's filth is as ancient as its age. I have read a book written in 1923, in which the author laments about it and hopes that modernity will change Kashi - NO way!

    @Ousu; Banking is my bread. I too wish I were in some other profession, but what to do? I am just a dilettente, a jack of many non-income generating activities! :-)

    @Gymnast: Like I wrote, this is the most I could squeeze out. Yes I know the bookshops near the PUblic library; first place i go to whenever I am in Calicut!

    @Insignia: If only the glass were cleaner!

    And B, I am not just only a Banker,I am many things, and also, I am ME!

    @Melange': Fish Biriyani at Sagara, Parattas and Chicken Fry at Paragon - I will add 'Saina' too!

    @Anil: Guess any place, like any people has its good and bad sides! I am trying hard to discover the good in Alleppey! :-/

  8. Hahaha yeah Balan, pardon me. You are lot of other things as well :)

    You are YOU

  9. mr B - I have nothing more to add to what Insignia just said.. u are YOU and a wonderful specimen of the species, to which we both belong !!

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