“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Friday, January 6, 2012


Everytime I went to sleep
Behind the drooping eyelids
Draped over my eyes-
This bright, white glow of light.

I squeeze my eyes further shut
Focussing on the white light
Growing brighter and brighter
Till I  sink into a deep slumber.

I remember it from decades ago
Till one morning, among the snow-capped mountains
One cold morning when snowflakes still fell
Someone  tapped my shoulder -
Turning back -
He was smiling at me gently -
Unraveling himself from the shroud of clouds - 

My mountain, my vision, the pinnacle
Of my greatest longing -
My Neelkanta!

********* Balachandran V, Alappuzha, 03.01.2012


  1. You are missing the snow capped mountains a lot isnt it?

    When is your next vacation Balan?

  2. Hope you get to see it again very soon.

  3. As they say if the mountain dose not come to Mohd , Mohd should go to the mountain.

  4. So when are you heading their then :)


  5. I wish I can join you when you head towards north! All the best Balachandran!

  6. You know Balachandran,sometimes I feel ashamed to post few words here.The fact that you have some amazing sides of you,revealed to silly me that fascinates in many ways.The kind of pearls you drop from the divine oyster of creativity.

    I think I can't write anything valuable on this precious piece Balachandran.It's more than a poem to me.Literary wise,I was caught with the eyelids where the pupils 'knock' white..Bit of pranayam there.But when I reached the last few lines,it's extremely aesthetic and personally haunting for me.Neelkanta..
    You are LUCKY.


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