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Sunday, January 1, 2012

I was in a bus when it struck

I was in a bus when it struck
Waking up from fitful dozing
I heard the yelling and screaming
Of boys bypassing the bus in their bikes
Screaming, “ Happy New Year!”

I look around my fellow passengers –
We have yet a long way to reach home
There wouldn’t be much of a New Year celebration
For us; I love my fellow travelers.

I fall into a reverie, remembering New Years –
Ruefully, I remember those, drunken, partying kinds
That of lying in the middle of a highway at night
That of dizzying hopping from bar to bar
That spent on the top of a hill, shivering in the cold
That by the side of the sea where I would part with my love.

I remember the New Years, lacklustre, spent at home
Indifferent, blank to the gyrating glitterati in the TV
New Years spent alone, nursing a drink, bitter
Blaming self for the promises  unkept , resolutions unresolved.

Chilling gusts of wind blast through the open window.

I remember those who were with us in the beginning of the last year
Yet no more, today, or ever, on another New Year day.

****** *****Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 01-01-2012


  1. Sir, Happy new year to you and family and everyone around you..

    Have a great year..
    it is sad we lost some during the last year heres wishing none of that happenes in the new year ..

    All the best sir



  3. Wish you a happy ,healthy,prosperous an peaceful new year .cerball

  4. Part of looking towards things anew and new , isn't it? Afflicts some of us .

  5. The photograph looks amazing Balachandran.At lease the memories help no dear friend ? For me I am so peaceful on this that,I completely ignored the birth of New Year as such.I don't know why.Even during the college days.Always thought it's an overrated celebration.Life is new,refreshing and tempting each day.With what it can offer unpredictably..Having said that I don't have anything against the few who celebrates..May be a bit boring I am..Hope you and Parvathy had a nice time together.


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