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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monsoon Moods

These dark clouds in the sky... and the incessant pouring.... fear of fever and floods... the roads of the city have turned into a nightmare...

Rains are welcome after the intense summer, but along comes a host of other problems. Sitting before my netbook, I listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops... I feel listless. Somehow the damp atmosphere seems to have dampened my spirits too... I don't feel like writing... maybe, tomorrow there will be a break in the rains and sun would shine bright... I wonder whether we will be ever really happy! When it rains you long for the sun, and when its hot and dry, you wish for the rains...

June was the month when my father passed away 40 years ago... June 5th, 1971. June was the month my mother passed away... June 30th, 2004...

What else do you do, but brood, when it pours. Tears have long dried up in my eyes...
********* Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 01.06.2011


  1. It has hardly begun poring to feel dampened in spirit.
    I long for incessant down pour ,for that I have missed the manna of monsoon well over twenty years.

    And Monsoon can bring forth in us tears of joy and the opposite!

  2. Balan,
    I remember you mentioning that the heat has bogged you down and hence you dont feel like blogging

    Now you say the rains have dampened your spirits. Monsoons have just arrived! Common be a sport!

  3. That's true.we humans have a special ability to complain..'oru mazha kittiyaal mathiyaayirunnu' will be the usual complain during April and may.Then after the monsoon pours visits,it totally shifts to sighs like "ho,ee cheenja mazha,enna ini nanayathe onnu purthirangan patta..

    on closing note,brought back several memories here as well.

  4. @Insignia: Thats what I was talking about. And then, we do have this extreme climates, you know. Kerala is second only to Bengal for its humidity. Rain - well, it begins and ends here! But moderation in nature is rare to come by, whether in weather or human beings!

    @Melange: Though I wrote it in the background of rain, it is actually about how the rains and the month of June brought back the memories of my losses. You caught it.

  5. I wish i had words to comfort you .I lost my dad (he was just 54)10 yrs back but i always feel his presence specially at times when i am down.

  6. Now I understood the reason for your mood change during the rains.
    Just take it as the blessings showered on to you.They are watching over you.


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