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Saturday, March 12, 2011

To you who were you

Believe me, the boy said, I did love you with all my heart.
There was a time when not even a cloud would cloud
The sunshine that you were to me.
Not a bird would dare, not a flower would bare
Its beauty before me, for
In the burning fire of my love for you
Would they turn crisp to ashes, I had loved you so.

You call me now a coward for telling you the truth
The truth that my heart no longer yearns for you.
Would you rather I lied, pretended a feeling
Smiled, held you in my arms, my mind though, with another?

True, there was a time when you were my true love,
My eternal flame, I knew you were
But how were I to know my heart?
Love, my dear, is not for the person
But for what the person means to me.
If my heart transgressed, so too would have you
For you were no longer the you, you were.
***************** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 12.03.2011

This is a weak attempt at connecting to the poem of B Log.
See http://spice-n-ice.blogspot.com/2011/03/coward.html


  1. Well said. But I believe, love is something that lasts. Something that doesn't last is an infatuation or an affection or admiration. Loving in spite of all flaws is true love. Rarely happens, but when it does, it never disappears! Totally my opinion! :D

    Loved the poem.

  2. @Jyothi: I could tell you something on that! :-) But do continue to believe that love is everlasting, that's what makes life worth living for. if not love, at least the memories of love.

    After 20 years of marriage,P and i often talk and chuckle about how passionate we used to be in our early days together. I blush at the love letters we had written to each other, all those sweet sweet nothings! :-)

    But just as a fruit grows, matures and ripens, and the ripe fruit isn't what the raw one used to be, the seeds remain the same... Now, I could write another one on that! :-D

  3. All of us would have different stories to say.And who could be an authority on love?
    I always thought different about love." Falling in love" like we fall in to a pit or a trench.We do not fall in to friendships or marriage.It is called so because it happens like an accident.And with the same ease with which they fall in to love,people fall out of love too.Nothing prevents a person from falling in to love repeatedly.

    My wife sometimes ask me the same question.Are you the same person who was so romantic ?
    Life is different.

  4. I was browsing through fellow blogger Punam's Dreamz Forever where she shares a beautiful quote by Gibran:

    But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.
    Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
    ~ Gibran

    I believe the love that allows a breathing space in between will survive the odds of times.

  5. @NRI Girl: Thats the beauty of Ghalil Gibran. I call it 'margin'. To give each other a personal space, is to respect each other. The other kind is merely possessiveness and sooner or later one would start feeling suffocated and cracks would appear in the relationship.

    I wrote this, trying to extend Bindu's ( the blog I have mentioned)poem.

  6. @Doc: To remain the same is impossible. Nothing, animate or inanimate remains the same; there will be always subtle changes, growth, decay, regeneration- the process is always going on. The problem is when we try to contain the changes in our time frames. Take 'Time' out, and you will be on the other side of Alice's looking glass.

  7. As doc said" falling in a pit or trench".

    Live with the fall that seems to be the practical way of taking forward the love. isn't it so?

  8. :-) Well well I cant stop that fickle smile on I have now.

    You call me now a coward for telling you the truth
    The truth that my heart no longer yearns for you.
    Would you rather I lied, pretended a feeling
    Smiled, held you in my arms, my mind though, with another?

    So true and appreciable. Yet, when heard cannot accept the truth; when its fighting against denial; when the ego is bruised; the mind fails to understand this truth.

    Thanks Balan, I was waiting for your thoughts. Mine were just verses; only motive was to able to convey my thoughts than weave a plait of words. Your poem is beautiful

  9. @B: :-) My poem doesn't have any 'autobiographical' element. The fact was to the contrary; I got ditched! :-D

    In love,one has to always distinguish between love for the person as an individual and as a possession that one does not like to be deprived of.

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