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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let Us Make Merry!

I am laughing like the fat man. What else can I do, when youngsters scream FAITH! right in my face?

If you are in the mood to laugh and take off that grim mask of fear, watch this:


Like to laugh a little more ? Watch this video of a Godman of millions! No offense, ye faithful followers of Babaji! Watch closely, not his mouth, but his hands,especially the right hand, from which he miraculously brings up a Shiv Linga.


After watching the video, do scrub your mouth with antiseptic and go pray in front of the statue or idol or painting or sticker or listen to HIS pronouncements.

Have a good day. The 110 dead at Sabarimalai would have by now been buried. Before you wander away, THINK. REFLECT. ACT.

Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 19.01.2011


  1. George Carlin, I just watched the first few minutes of it, hilarious :)
    If organised religion is permissible organised attack against them too should be permissible.

  2. This guy must be given a "Nobel" for peace. Because he has in lay words decimated the fucking reasons religion has foisted on man, and proved that they are rubbish.Devoid of these fucking religions the world will certainly be at peace. Intelligent , educated new generation might migrate to Sabarimala and such places still for salvation . Salvation from what? that they cant tell . dont know.

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