“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Chores

Sunday- the day when you can be

Yourself- and not let be ruled –

A day to do what you wish to do

And not what others want you to do.

Sunday – the day one could read

Even the most insignificant ad

A day you need brush your teeth

Only when you want to eat.

I have a little duster, of soft

Synthetic bristles – to dust

The books, tables or the shelves

And an old torn shirt to swipe them clean.

There’s something about cleaning,

Dusting, tidying up and swiping.

A fleck of dust, a blotch of stain,

A crack that weren’t there before.

Today, I took on the showcase shelves

Souvenirs, scattered, of a life gone by.

A fan from China that my uncle brought

A medal my father earned for service with merit.

Glass flower vases, my mom’s valued prizes

Headless dolls my sister and I played with.

A bowl my granny used to fill with fruit,

Statuettes of dogs and such other stuff.

I clean them, dust them and keep them back,

Wondering what value they have.

What would they mean to my wife or son,

These worthless pieces, when I am gone.

In the stillness of days and nights

When I am gone, the winds would blow.

Specks of dust would settle and stain

White dustsheets would shroud my life.

Forlorn, forgotten, fritted away

My life, like a photo fading away

Where colours give way to meaningless grey.

Then one day-

Torn or crushed and swept away.

**************** Kottayam 27-12-2004

(Unpublished poem, now unearthed)


  1. Okay.. so that was why you started giving away things. So that you can be yourself atleast on Sundays.

    6 years gone by and I guess your posessions halved and memories doubled.

  2. The inevitable with regard to all and one of us.

  3. Thats such a sweet poem. I go with you on the priceless possessions...

    Your lines were so vivid, I could visualize :)

  4. Its very nice expecting more such poems

  5. Balan, there is often this 'after you'thoughts in you.Everything will be the same,the Secretariat,the Over bridge, VJT hall,your medals and cherished books,all will stay.Only us will be replaced.
    I loved the thoughts.

  6. @Doc: After me? The floods, of course! ;D

  7. @Sreejith: Dispossessing began when the realisation of the futility of possessing dawned. Yes, the process might have begun 6 years ago...

    @Jayaraj: Thanks!

    @Anil: No, I am gonna live forever!

    @Insignia: Thanks. Look closely. You are seeing yourself in the bits and pieces; hence the value, isn't it? take yourself out of it - what remains? Nothing. Whether art d'objects or relationships. Do read my poem, 'Nada'. I consider it as a really profound insight into this issue.

    @ Aswathy: Thanks!

    @Doc: And Coffee House and YWCA and ... :)

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