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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Flower and the Butterfly

Pause awhile, butterfly,

Alight here, on this wilting Rose.

Young flowers, I know, are beckoning you,

But stay with me, just for a while

And leave me with memories fresh.

There! Now you poise, ready to take to wings

You flutter – and a petal


***** Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 08-12-2010


  1. Sweet....the reality of life..when you are down and empty, no one bothers..

  2. You asked and the butterfly waited a while.So a petal fell off on its flutter.Wasn't it better if you hadn't asked?
    The flower would have lasted longer!

  3. This is so beautiful yet sadness emits from beginning to end. So like the youth; on to more exciting things....melancholic truths abound....

  4. Doc: What point is there, to last longer, if life is loveless? Artificial flowers long forever, don't they?

  5. @Insignia: The only difference between youth and old age is the change in the physique, the slowing down of metabolism. The longing for love and care remains the same, till death..

  6. @Sm: Thanks! The photo is courtesy internet - oops! I forgot to copy its address!

  7. @Sandy: Just a fleeting moment in life, but pregnant with eternal truth...

  8. Doe the butterfly care for the fallen petal?
    Conveyed well Balan!


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