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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Among the spiritual philosophers whose thoughts I am familiar with, J Krishnamurti is the one with whom I identify most. Perhaps it is due to a long association with him, since 1977. By the word association, I imply only familiarity with his writings and talks. I have always resisted the temptation to meet or see such people in person, basically because I always see the person and his philosophy as separate. I do not want a further intimacy with them; I do not want to be a devotee or a follower. I do not want to possess them; nor would I let them possess me. They too are humans and sure to have their failings. But their thoughts, like ours, is what they aspire to be, like us. That is why I wrote to my son that he should not assess me by what I am, but what I wanted to be. That, I think, is the yardstick we should apply when we HAVE to judge people.

I have always liked to read Osho. Inside the colourful and controversial exterior, Rajneesh was a great scholar and a sensitive human being. Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic gives a candid portrait of the man behind all the sensations.

In my room, I have displayed two posters of Osho that I bought many years ago. They still adorn the wall; the words still inspire me. One poster is titled ‘Acceptance’ and the other, ‘Awareness’.


My whole message is: Accept the you that you are because God accepts it. God respects it, and you have not respected your being, yet. It is very rare to find a person who respects himself. Why is it so rare? Because you have been taught to imitate. From the very childhood you have always been taught to be somebody else. Nobody has told you: Be yourself and be respectful to your being. It is God’s gift. Never imitate. Be yourself; that much you owe to God.


I don’t teach you any morality. I don’t say: “This is good, this is moral, that is immoral”. That is all childish. I teach you a single criterion: Awareness. If in awareness you do something, it has to be right, because in awareness you cannot do something wrong. And without awareness you may be doing something very good, appreciated by everybody but still I say it is wrong, because you are not aware. You must be doing it for the wrong reasons.

Everyday, I see these words; everyday, every time I read Osho’s words, it is like wiping my mind clean and fresh. As a tip to living and surviving, there is nothing like Osho’s words.

Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 30-11-2010


  1. In my latest post there was this statement I made.

    If you dont love yourself, who else will?

    With awareness comes acceptance, with acceptance comes respct, with respect comes love...

    Sums it up all :)

  2. I respect Osho for his ideals, but as humans I also believe it to be difficult to follow completely. But there is an immense pull I feel, and each year I do visit his ashram in Pune.

  3. There is already a Bank employee in Cochin who claims to the legacy of Osho. Ha ha .
    I' m certain you guessed!
    Well in any case you have rightly stated that you pick the philosophy and not idolise the person. So the legacy dosent matter.
    Degrading one self and belittling one self is for some a fad a way, as they think to catch sympathy. What they may get is sympathy but not understanding.
    Insignia rightly mentioned about self respect.
    As for awareness and being unaware, I read some where the difference - between brain washing and washing the brain.

  4. I liked this sentence of yours : "I do not want to possess them; nor would I let them possess me." If only the fanatics get to read this and understnad the essence of it. Good posters you have, but I am sure by now you know them word by word and should be taking yourself to the next level. (Maslow's self-actualization in itself is an infinite pyramid, which grows up in a never ending altitude)

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  6. @Insignia: You get the drift!

    @Sujata: That is exactly what I don't do!

    @Anil: Well!

    @Sreejith: So long as one is not looking for crutches, its fine.

    @Doc: I am one of them - the ignorant!

  7. osho move aside.. i love this .. "he should not assess me by what I am, but what I wanted to be." WOW

  8. @K: What should I call myself? Bozo? :D :D :D

  9. Balan, you are indeed a deep thinking, soul seaching man and I like this about you. This shows some of your inside man and your outside picture....Your tender ways spread a path of goodness as you make your way through life.... Repects......

  10. Beatiful quotes. I loved your words that you let us know that you have passed by. Your words says much about you and am happy that i also passed by you.

  11. @baawra: Thanks for your kind words! And thanks for visiting my blog!

  12. Beautiful thoughts. I have read some of his works. I liked the one on Bhagwan Mahavirt (in Hindi). Thanks.

  13. @Sandy: The quotes of Osho sums up everything that one needs to know. Many have interpreted the truth; yet each of us have to find our own paths of learning the truth. Finally we arrive at the same truth, but we have to tread our paths, you see. I am trying to, in my own way...


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