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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fire in the Heart, Tempest in the Eyes…

(Suresh Wadkar)

The Seventies was the decade when dinosaurs started falling dead. Like Romantisaurus rex, Environmentosaurus rex, Idealosaurus rex. As global markets opened up, the frenzy let out swarms of locusts that devoured traditions. They haven’t finished yet.

The Seventies was the decade I lived my adolescence and came of age, in mind and body. The Seventies was a beautiful bubble that burst – like a true bubble, it revealed Nothing, but the ‘pop!’ woke me into the harsh realities of the world.

Every time I listen to Seene’ mein jalan, aankhon mein toofan by Suresh Wadkar, I am transported 3 decades back. Gaman was released in 1978 or1979. Farookh Shaiekh and Jalal Aga were like us, youth who had dreams – dreams were all they had. Life and opportunities swished past them swiftly, leaving them by the dusty road under the scorching sun.

To me, the song evokes images of my innocent, dishevelled youth, driven aimlessly like a grain of sand in a storm and then in the end, tamely succumbing, submitting to the vagaries of life .

Yet – sometimes I sense this warmth in my heart, like glowing coals in a Kangir; sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I see the fleeting shadow of a tempest that died long ago…

*********** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 16-11-2010


  1. The age of "Vividh Bharathi" and "Binaca Geeth mala"

  2. Chitrahaar in DD used to play this song over and over.From the same movie I love 'aapki yaad ati rahi'sung by chaya ganguli.

  3. and the entree- The tempest has not passed , not yet, has it? ha!

  4. He is my all time favourite too.He has that inimitable quality of voice.So soothing.And among Ghazal singers I also respect Mahdi Hassan.

  5. My mom also share similar sentiments. Vividh bharathi is one she mentions frequently. :-)

  6. the song is still relevant today. if anything the tempest is stronger the fire blazing higher...

  7. I know none of these musicians of which you speak but Elvis, the Beatles, Bob Dylan and those groups take me back to the yesteryears of becoming many things..;-) Sandy

  8. @Sandy: Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Eagles... and many more. The particular Hindi song I have mentioned recreates the mood of my youth - a bewildered and confused period in my life...The Seventies were a painful stage of transition.

  9. @K: I hope so...

    @Insignia: Say 'Hello' to your mom for me!:)

  10. @balachandran sir...for you suresh ji's songs reminds you of your youthful days;and for me ..it was "dil to pagal hai" ,kuch kuch hota hai"all these songs..!But i too listen to some older melodies ..they are filled with so much esscense.

  11. and have u heard his latest song"pehli baar mohobbat ki hai aaha.."he really rocks even in the modern era dance number also!

  12. @ Balachandran

    I love this song just too much. Even though I was born in the 80s, still I have grown up on a dose of old Bollywood melodies, thanks to my parents. This one is a particular favourite of both mom and dad. I have it stored in my comp and play it often. It is a song you can listen to when you are lonely, happy or sad. Love the lyrics, too, especially the line "dil hai toh dhadakne ka bahana koi dhundhe...". It was my Facebook status once. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.


  13. @Kavitha: Yes, Chaya Ganguli's song too is beautiful. What happened to all those singers?

    @Sujata: Wonderful to hear that! :)

    @Raji: And after a few years your kids will say, 'Amma, how could you?' :)

    Yes,I have heard that song, but-well!I am not that keen on that sort of songs. Kya hua tera vada - remember? I used to hate it because it was too ubiquitous and blatant!

    @Mani: Happy to hear that it is one of your favourites too. And thanks - not only for visiting but also for giving me a reason to smile all the to office, after reading your interview with Aurangazeb!


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