“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Like the lands I will never see

The books I will never read

The minds I will never learn.

If only one could be everywhere!

If only one could see them all!

I could’ve loved more –

And, in return, be loved –

Just a little!

******* Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 19.10.2010

painting courtesy: http://artisttonigrote.blogspot.com/2009/11/nov-12-abstract-minimalist-landscape-w.html


  1. perhaps the more minds you read the measly the love you can expect.
    And the more the places you see lesser you want to be back!

  2. Anil's comment - crisp and so true :-)

    The more minds you read; more the chances of paranoia. :-P

    But I so want to be everywhere; see it all; but dont want to read minds :-)

    Be loved - just a little? You are asking for too much Bala!!

  3. Melancholy and pain so much visible in your words....

    I couldn't comment in any of your post as was not well.

  4. @Anil: Aarghh, the super cynic, you! :). I have mellowed, growing old. Seriously, I have seen enough filthy minds for a lifetime, but every now and then, sometimes they come in showers, beautiful minds abound... perhaps it is that I am turning more beautiful,myself! ;p

    @insignia: Don't you listen to Anil! He always means the opposite of what he says, take it from me!

    Minds are like places, B. Look for beauty and you will find it; and vice versa. It all depends how you are. Don't think I am being romantic; my words come from the experiences of a long lifetime. And I assure you, I HAVE seen sumpthin'!

    @Kalpana: So happy to learn that you are OK. Take rest, read lots and lots of book and listen to - Kumar Gandharv's Kabir bhajans or those of the folk singers of MP and Rajasthan. Will be writing about it later.

    There is pain, yes, but not melancholy. I am just being a bit wistful.

  5. There is nothing impossible to see,
    and no place that cant be reached,
    when you travel
    by your mind's eyes.

  6. Dey Bals

    I have mentioned elsewhere in the Blog posts or comments that it is because of the few people whom one can count on ones fingers that the World moves around.
    In the macro level when it comes to human matters I prefer to be a cynic. And I would like to feel that your poem relates to those handful who keeps the world going.

  7. err... is that incomplete? ... lines which'll never be read?

  8. Yeah...if only. I would also love to go places, meet people, and expand the circle wider.

    But fact is, only when something is little 'less' do you yearn for little 'more'.

  9. @RGB: One can never have enough of love! :)

    @Sreejith: Couldn't catch what you meant, 'incomplete'... All I intend to convey is that there is no end to our yearning, whether to see places or to read or to understand people. Like life, everything is incomplete, when, like RGB said, you always want more!

  10. This is beautiful and I wish everyone, beginning in the early days of their lives, would come to understand this....I agree with you and find myself thinking much the same way....

  11. @Sandy: Life is like travelling in a train or a bus, reading a lot, retaining a little - till you are asked to get out!

  12. I felt some incompleteness when I read that you should be able to see it to love it. That you missed some lines in between. Well..I did not think it to be philosophical at the first glance, but now yes, I could make out what you meant.


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