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Friday, November 13, 2009


Last weekend I had to go to Calicut on official business; which means an opportunity to travel 2nd A/C. In the night train, I prepared for sleep at around 2200 hrs; the other three were fast asleep. It might have been half an hour into slumber – I woke up to the roar of a snore, from right above me. Once you latch on to a snore, it is impossible to shake it off. Even the slightest pause in the snore opera would tense you up – when, when is it going to rap out again? Nothing will work to bring down the volume of the snore – pillow, cotton, counting sheep.

More than halfway into my journey, I sit up groggily, only to find the other two victims too awake and sitting huddled up on their berths. We mutter curses. I had to act, because I had to be fresh for the next day’s programme. I get out of the berth, stretch my arm and shake the young fellow. ‘Frr-Hmphrrhh - wh-wh-what?’ ‘If you don’t mind, you are bothering us with your snoring, lie down straight or something’. He does, for the next 10 minutes, by which time I am deep asleep and too tired to notice his performance later on.

When we get up to leave at Calicut, I offer the young fellow some advice. ‘Buy paper plaster available at any medical shop, cut a piece and stick it over your mouth before going to sleep. Snoring is mainly due to breathing through mouth. Hyperventilation has other problems too’

‘Yeah? Does it work?’ ‘Sure’, I said, ‘Ask my wife’.

**************** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 13.11.2009


  1. lol....ithu kollam..ishhttayiiiii..........
    "ask my wife" lol lol

  2. ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!!!
    it is the unpredictable changes in the rhythm that keeps one hooked sleepless, isn't it. the suspense of it.
    fortunately, i have never heard myself snoring in my whole life and i never take another person's version on a point like that. wives use the allegation to put us on the defensive when in no other way they can fault us.

  3. It is very rare that a person hears himself snoring; so is one admitting to it! Btw, the technique is quite effective; a month of .taping your mouth shut' while sleeping, would ensure tape-free, snore-free sleep for some time to come.

  4. Very hilarious and I must say the picture you've put is also very humorous...!

  5. thanks for the advice. i am a victim myself;) and where on earth do you get these amazing photos to color up ure posts!!!!

  6. @K: Oh, its all 'borrowed' from the 'net! ;)

  7. Wonderful.
    I enjoyed the last line.
    A smile blossomed in me.
    Very well written


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