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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beginnings of a New Day

There were two of them, silent, so unusual

Green Barbets, on the Papaya tree.

A flurry of green wings, heads cocked

They studied the ripe, yellow Papaya.

To lie on bed and watch birds in the morning!

One nibbling on one and the other on the other –

Pity me! The fruits I had hoped to pluck today!

Then hopped down a Woodpecker – what business

Does he dare here, I wonder, this nemesis

Of worms and termites? So do the Barbets –

Awed at his red crest and sharp beak

And how funnily he sat on the stem, so unlike birds!

One Barbet hurried away – the other sidestepped the ‘Pecker

And watched him, like me, head cocked

Jabbing away at the ripe yellow Papaya.

Filled, he left, the mighty Woodpecker

Leaving the rest for the Barbet.

I reach for the music – happy at the signs

Of the new day to come.

********* Balachandran, Trivandrum 28.11.2009


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  3. 'i reach for a cigarette'
    a shocker. a rough reminder that humans inhabit this world and call the shots.
    good music.
    pl use bigger font

  4. Ma'am, sorry if the 'cigarette' offended you, just as it offends my health. I am keen to stop the filthy habit; soon I will. Meanwhile, forgive the fallibilities of erring humans. In fact, I didn't pick up a cigarette then; but wrote it to convey the nascent happiness in my mind.

    It is Elvis, the first song. And since I too have difficulty in reading the smaller font, I will use the bigger from now on.


  5. heavens ,it didnt offend me. was admiring the impact of the cigarette against the background of what went earlier>

    yes, i knew it's elvis - and a favourite number with me-was thrilled to hear it.will keep coming back to your blog to listen to it:-)

  6. this is a usual scene at my home. we will have some other birds too to juice up :)

  7. did set the mood for the day, its still early here and the sun not yet out, there are birds, there is coffee and the promise of a new day!

  8. Bals,
    Good .The little things that make one wait eagerly fort the mornings


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