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Friday, April 29, 2016

Fish out of Water

In this heat, I sweat profuse.
I splash water at my armpits
The nape of my neck
And shameless,  over my genitals.
On the bed, in the nude
I fart and sigh, happy.
The dogs lie legs up in the air,
Too tired to smell the wind.

I choke at the chilled lemonade
Gurgling down my throat.
Out in the portico, a crow
Dips its beak and then jumps
Into the clay pan, splashing in the water.

I wish I were a fish,
Swishing my tail, chilling
With the mermaids.
But then, the fish are dying
And the birds and bees too.
Soon, we too would, for sure.

****** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 29.04.2016


  1. Well captured.

    But why is it that everyone seem to complain about the heat?
    I'm sure we anticipated this:
    When we built our concrete houses
    When we bought more vehicles
    When we looked away when some one cut down trees
    When we celebrate any event with crackers and blasts

    I do suffer the heat.
    But I don't complain. Because I deserve it.
    Pity the birds and animals who suffer for something they didn't do.

    Again, well captured.

    1. Sree,Mia culpa, though not fully. Except for a car bought at the ripe old age of 57, I am not guilty of the rest! But yes, the humanity is and being a despicable Me, I stand guilty too! I have copies your lines on my Facebook page. Would you be one of those who graze on the FB fields? If yes, check me out - Bala Chandran.

  2. I exist on FB, but not alive.
    I checked out your page though.

    Back to Trivandrum? Or shuttling between Nagercoil and Trivandrum.
    Hope you still have your old number: the one that ends with 368.

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  4. What Sreejith says is true to its roots.We are the offenders and defenders while the other beings also bear the bitterness of our deed.Well said about heat.

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