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Sunday, November 1, 2015


Borderline is a thrilling word
Borders between countries
Evoking images of the drama at Vagha.
Borderline is ominous
The borderline between
sanity and insanity.
Borderline between friendship
and intimacy,
Bringing into focus
And blurring your vision, the line you step out
From restrained emotions to riotous expressions
of love.
To stand on the borderline
Is to hold your life in your hands
To decide to cross over or not.
Borderline is an exciting place to be -
Until, with an empty stomach in the morning
You are told by the pretty girl -
"Your blood sugar level is on the borderline!"
****************** Balachandran V 0730hrs 01.11.2015 Trivandrum


  1. Hahahaha!! Good to have your humour back!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sujata! How happy I am to hear your voice again! :) . I had almost abandoned the blog; dwindling readers, differing circumstances in my life... But yes, I am thinking of revamping it again! Are you on FB? My present interests make me hang out there more! My page is Bala Chandran; do connect! And thanks for commenting! :)


  2. Hi again. I did look up the name on fb but couldn't find a page. Will look again. I am on fb as sujata sengupta. You can try as well. Kids are grown up and keeping me busy and so.are the two doggies that i have. Thanks for asking and lets blog again!!

  3. Nice post in your blog I am Glad to read your blog


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