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Friday, January 3, 2014

A lamp. A candle. A little beam of light.

Omayra Sanchez (1972 - 1985)

Black. Dark.Death.
Light does not light up her eyes.
Nor does it my heart as I look at you, Omayra.
Your eyes are like the sky;
Where is it, the glimmer of hope, of light?

I want to, but how can I turn away from you?
How can I turn away, Omayra, tell me
From the miseries and tragedies
From the fraility and foolishness of our lives?

Where were I, Omayra, when you slowly
Breathed your last?
Where am I, when the world suffer?

A lamp. A candle. A little beam of light.
For you, Omayra Sanchez Garzon.

*********** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 04.01.2014


  1. I feel terrible; posted this poem a week ago and not even a single comment! Wow, guess I gotta stop blogging. What is the point in dancing to an empty audience?

    No, of course I will keep on blogging, whenever I feel like it. But I'd like to hear somebody saying 'Good Job'! :-)

    1. I loved your poem about Omayra, thanks for helping keep her story alove

    2. Thank you so much, Clear Light! I just cannot forget Omayra...

    3. Touching and above all; thoughtful of you Balan. And no! even if you dont have a single reader; you SHOULD not stop blogging. If people dont read you; they dont know what they miss. I pity them.

      I must admit that i miss reading you frequently these days. Post more frequently please

    4. That was so nice of you, B! :-) Have you 'wikied' Omayra? You should see the Youtube posts! It is a such a haunting tragedy. I was more depressed thinking of Omayra rather than nobody commenting on the poem.

  2. Nice post.Thanks for sharing this in your blog


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