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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blue Rock Pigeons

Dear reader, if perchance you happen upon here now,
Move on, with a casual click to somewhere else -
I have nothing to offer, other than a word, 
On a pair of dead pigeons.

Move on then, but with a briefest thought
Of the beauty of life that linger even in death
Of the parting of ways that you and I will, one day
Remind yourself that this is how it all ends,
Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Pigeons that you fed
Pigeons that cooed, cozy beneath your roof,
Pigeons that rose with a flutter
To the sky as blue as their wings.

That's all, my dear reader, move on, as I did -
But before you do, step aside as I did
Gently picking the memories up and laying them
By the side of the road...

************** Balachandran V, Alleppey 04.0.2012


  1. Beautiful is the only word I have.I mean I am in a way confused.
    Winding up,pigeons,step aside,you know how it hurts ?
    Dead pigeons,the end of it,but the embracing of new..Hopeful..

    Step aside as I did..

  2. Sad sight.

    Here's another story: of a pigeon found 70 years later with the secret codes still attached to its leg.


  3. oh that's sad :(

    Max also not well. Had left him at a kennel for a few days as we were travelling. He had severe diarrhea and that led to an infected anal and scrotum area.

    The diarrhea is better now, but his entire fur coat had to be shaved off and he is still sore below his tail, on antibiotics and refusing to walk :(

    I feel absolutely terrible.


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