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Saturday, May 12, 2012

In Exile

Since now Time matters to me
Only as weekends that I can go home
To console myself, I count the weeks backward -
Not looking forward to the future I have to spend here
In exile-

But backward
As yet another week silps past
As one less
In exile.

********* Balachandran V, Alleppey, 11.05.2012


  1. Oh dont we all? We look back to counting less in looking forward to the bright and happy days

  2. And yeah Balan, I can feel your pain in spending time alone

  3. @Sujata: Since last 9 months. I am at Alleppey. Do go through the posts from Alleppey. You might like the photographs.

    @Insignia:I wrote it to share the pathetic ways in which I try to bear my suffering!

  4. In any case , in exile the whiskers getting thicker!

  5. It is always hard to spend time alone, I rememebr the first few months or maybe years when i came here to uk all alone leaving all my friends and family ..

    Take care sir ..


  6. Interesting how Anil said exactly the same thing I was going to!!

  7. "the penguin flies backward
    because it doesn't know
    where he is going
    but wants to know
    where it has been"

  8. wow! what a wonderful words!
    Here typing in German I suddenly felt home when I read your poem. great, it actually rained a heartful of homliness to my mind also. thanks for that.
    keep blogging...

  9. @Musadhique: Thanks for your words; and for dropping by.


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