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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beypore Vignettes

"Beypore is a ancient port town and part of Calicut municipal corporation in Kozhikode district in the state of KeralaIndia. This place also has a marina and a beautiful beach. Beypore port is one of the oldest ports in Kerala from where trading was done to the Middle East. Beypore is also famous for building wooden ship, it is called Dhows or Urus in Malayalam language. These ships are usually bought by arabmerchants for trading, fishing and now used as tourist ships. According to Captain Iwata, founder member of the Association of Sumerian ships in Japan, Sumerian ships might have been built in Beypore. There are evidences to prove that Beypore had direct trade links with Mesopotamia and was a prominent link on the maritime silk route". (Wiki)

The goat trotted up straight to me and demanded a share of the snacks. Behind her came her friends. I thought I had seen it all; I have seen dogs, cats, monkeys and men doing it, but a goat, twitching its stub of a tail!


The large glass jars looked ancient; so did its contents. Pickled pineapple, gooseberry, mango, carrots - Rs.3/- apiece. I try a piece of pineapple; salty, tangy, its good. But I liked the little vendor more. In between selling his wares, he himself enjoyed chewing on a gooseberry.

Everytime I see people playing with animals, my heart melts; my face softens. Those are the only occassions when I feel love for humans.

Look at the people at a beach; or at a picnic in the woods. They look relaxed, happy and at peace. Yet they take nature for granted and do nothing to protect it.

Prelude to matrimony, I guess, for the wedding album. I have seen such hilarious scenes - the couple are asked to pose, act - they walk around in the gardens or beaches like the hero and heroine of a movie. Albums full of pictures, CDs- I sometimes marvel at the naivety of humans!

It is not the classical Dhow that made Beypore famous, but this was the best I could get.  Those readers who would like to know more about Beypore and Dhows can read it in this blog

Birds - Crows, Brahminy kites, Pariah kites, Little egrets -

Pathway built into the sea stretches for a kilometre. As dusk falls, the lamps go aglow, and night creeps in.

Sunsets - why do we love to watch it, how many times have we looked at the Sun going down? Somewhere deep inside, we connect - we know where we all came from, the star that we all once belonged to...

********* Balachandran V, Calicut, 03.02.2012


  1. Magical! Enjoyable!

    Warm Aloha from Hawaii
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  2. First the link of the Blog you gave has much information and lots to read.

    It is an irony of sorts that an ancient Ship building culture , now finds it a unforgiving task to build a ship. Look at the pathetic functioning of the Cochin shipyard.

    The picture pof the crow is beautiful. Black is indeed beautiful.

    Now how many of us link us to the stars and that we are just tiny than a speck of dust from a star?

    Good pictures and commentaries.,

  3. You have well presented an interesting image of thoughts in this one. The pictures are worlds within themselves. Not being familiar with the subject, I can still grasp much of the culture, if you will, with your words....

  4. one after another excellent pics

  5. Beypore! Something new I learn today. The pictures are marvellous Balan. The goat is so very cute!

    The sun going down; I watched a beautiful sunset yesterday; I say that each time I see the sun going down.

    I share the same views as you about being asked to pose for wedding etc.

    The crow is beautiful.

  6. I like to read your posts. Thanking you for sharing these informative posts with all of us. Wishing you and your family all the good things in liffe

  7. Wow ! What a delightful post from you , well most of your posts are wonderful.

  8. I loved the way you write. Really enjoyed reading your blog! Lovely pictures.

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