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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ant on the Wire

( for Abigail Thomas)

Along the wires
That connect my laptop to the mutiple pins
That connect my mobile to its charger
That connect the speakers to its charger
That connect my camera to its charger -
Wires, looped, coiled,  twisted, splayed like intestines  pulled out -
Along the wires walks an ant.

It could be walking (?) through an unending maze
Entrance and exit confused
A path directionless, destination-less .

What is the ant looking for - food, I presume
Though I would like to fantasize
That the ant is searching for -
Meaning of life? Ho ho ho!

Through the haze of smoke that drifts up from the cigarette
I try to look at the way I am going, the whys and wheres of it.
I wonder what I am searching for, what I am longing for.
Abigail* reminds me gently - there isn't any.
There is just the longing, that's all, just the longing.

****** Balachandran V, Alappuzha, 06-12-2011

I am reading an unforgettable, haunting memoir, 'A Three Dog Life', by Abigail Thomas. ( Harcourt Inc, 2007)


  1. You prove time and again that poetry need not be only about love or pain :)

  2. Mhm... could it be that you happend to smudge the wire with some eatables? Why would an ant walk the line? Mhm...

    (P.S: I know the comment doesn't quite relate to the poem; but it was intended for Abigail I thought...)

    I would like to invite you to read one of my posts, no, not related except for the Ant, Should I or shouldn't I? for your feedback.

    Thank you Balan Sir! Hope all is well. Now summing up all my courage let me ask you something: Why smoke?

  3. Apart from this longing,there is this substance and pain associated with it,makes you go no Balachandran ? Or is it a part of 'longing' ? I think it's not.Coz'not all think that way, that's what differs..

    It could be walking (?) through an unending maze
    Entrance and exit confused
    A path directionless, destination-less ...As usual you have the poking act there.I love you;the person you are.

  4. Pretty interesting how the mind worked to draft a poem on the entangled ,maze the wires exposed. In fact doesn't make sense .And because it dose not make any sense we long and long shamelessly, incessantly and
    we end not knowing why the maze.I guess!

    Quite a subject to relate . Again perhaps it depends upon the state of mind too to see the wires as inexplicable maze.Why not as a mystery journey of adventure like the Ant may be!


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