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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to Sea Level

Trivandrum, nearly at 0 msl. So be my spirits. As soon as I switch on my cell phone, calls come in, informing the demise of my brother-in-law. Not that I was particularly attached to him, but it sort of dampened things, like the intermittent drizzle...

Just to let you know that I am back from the mountains. It was a mixed experience. Couldn't reach Leh due to the landslides at Rohtang Pass, but the company of good friends and the choice of other lesser destinations made the whole vacation a memorable event in my life. 

What with the cremation and rituals etc etc, it would be some time when I post about my trip. But I slouch before my little netbook and wonder if I should, at all. Watching the cold corpse of my brother-in-law being pushed into the freezing chambers of the mortuary ( He passed away on Saturday, but his son in US would reach only tomorrow, Wednesday) like a slab of dead flesh, the plate slides in smoothly, the door shut and locked - 

I wonder I should call it a day here at my blog. Sometimes it is as unpleasant as the real world. 

Sorry for the depressing words, folks. I might take a little time to bounce back to my old self...


  1. It's not negative.Real ! Do take care.

  2. Reminiscing at this juncture is normal. But your presence at this moment gives your sister a sense of comfort and peace.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss .May his soul rest in peace .My prayers for all of you .Take care .

  4. Condolence for your loss.

    We all experience ups & downs. This is what friends share. And we consider you a friend. Soothe yourself and return when you can.

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


  5. Sorry at your loss. Take your time but dont call it a day please.

    We will miss you. Take care

  6. You have often repeated to desist from attachments- a kind of zen as you call it . So be that way . May be sit back and scribble a poem, or introspect on things that dampen yor spirits , perhaps you may find a way back to be above MSL

  7. Death is the true reality after birth.All kinds of deaths disturb me.Young and old,humn or animal,knowing very well,that it is the rule of nature and we are helpless.
    Times like this,make us sit back and think about life.For the dead,problems are over.For the living,it is food for thoughts.

  8. I am sorry to hear about your loss.
    close or not close but a passing away in the family is sad..
    May he reast in peace and please pass my condolences to the family .. God give them strength to bear the pain..

  9. Mr B - I was waiting to hear from you about your travel to Himalayas, but then sad events awaited you down here at the sea level. Can just wish, the departed soul now knows the truth about death and life and is happy in the feeling of wholeness the knowledge brings. AFter having read you, I know that you will come out with a supreme post, about the shades of emotions playing in your mind.

  10. Melange, Cherian, Claudia, Makk, B, Anil, Doc, Kavita, Arun,Bikram, Ousu: Thanks for your kind words. A great sense of weariness envelops one; and the absurdity of one's own pettiness is laughable. Thanks again. Perhaps I will have begin anew from here, from death, to Himalayas.

  11. my condolences.

    death is a certainty we should learn to take in our stride. it makes it easier to handle it.

    mouthing platitudes, i know. hardly consoles in a moment of loss.


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