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Monday, June 6, 2011

Himalaya by Proxy

In the air-conditioned chill of the office
In the desktop picture of Mount Everest
In  passwords like Ganga, Yamuna
Badri, Kailas or Manasarovar -

Leafing, surreptitiously,  through the books on treks
To Himalayas and wilderness
Dreaming meandering through
Rhododendrons and snow bound paths-
I imagine the sips of water from my bottle
To be that of the streams in the mountains.

It is really so easy; all I have to do
Is to get up from my seat
Leave the complaining customer
Walk over to the window at the rear of the office
And look up at the skies…
******* Balachandran V, Trivandrum 06.06.2011


  1. Do i smell a vacation ? Take a break ,plan a trip to Himalayas.Have you ever been to Nepal ?

  2. Haaa dont have to stare at the skies for long.. Its nearing isnt it? All set? :-P

  3. @Kavitha: In fact, TWO! Mid - June, off to Kodaikanal on bike ( Not Kodai proper, a village little further) and then in July - LADAKH!!! :-D

    @Insignia: Yaaasssss!!! :-D

  4. WOW! Have fun. I too dream of going up North for a Vacation. To Kodai on Bike? To relive the old college days?

  5. You make me jealous Balan.You have the will to do what you love to.

    Many things are better in fantasies than in real.

  6. @Juxtaposition: College days? All I had was a Phillips bicycle then. No re-living, J, just living...

    @Doc: Nothing to be jealous about,Doc, and if I really had the will to do what I want to do - my address would be c/o Tierra Del Fuego, Chile!

    Fantasies are always better than the facts - that is a line from one of my old poems...


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