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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bicycling by

Cycling on a Sunday Morning
Laboured breath, squeaking knees
Crunching pain in the lower back
Stench of garbage ride up the nose.

Passing by people, sleepy dogs
Newspaper boys whizzing by
Cycling, cycling, cycling
Cycling on a great Sunday morning.

Old men on cycles pedaling by
I could love them, warts and all.
Sticking up my nose at the bikes and cars
Cycling, cycling, cycling
Cycling on a good Sunday morning.

Smells of the sea wafting by
Drone of the jets sweeping by
Caw of the crows flying by
Roar of the waves lashing by
Laughter of the children playing by.

The Klaxon squealing peee-yo peee-yo
The bell a-peeling ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling
Cycling, cycling, cycling
Cycling on a lovely Sunday morning.
********* Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 09-05-2011


  1. You have been cycling every morning right...aaah I could visualize it all.

    By the way; I checked out a bicycle for me. I might just end up buying it and peddle my way humming a tune! :)

  2. B, if you are seriously looking for a bicycle, that too from Bangalore, check out www.decathlon.in. It is at surjapura. I have a membership there, and can get you one at a good discount. The bikes are high-end, foreign and extremely beautiful.

    You can also get a membership, if you belong to an organisation. Check the website and let me know.

  3. I use to cycle ot work when i was living about 5-6 miles, Now i live 50miles cant cycle that far..
    Still got the cycle in my garage .. maybe taking inspiration i will cycle on weekends ...


  4. Balan,

    Thanks much. Yeah a friend of mine has a membership decathlon. I have inquired him about the bicycles and have got good reviews. Will check out in person soon :) Thanks again

  5. @Bikram: Great! Happy that I could inspire you and Insignia! :-) Its great fun!

    @B: That's great, B! Mouth-watering bikes they have!

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  8. Nice . This reminds me that i need to get my daughter a new bicycle .

  9. Mr B @ u forced me to read malayalam !! the mail you send me with your malyalam travelogue on an enfield to leh-ladakh and the link to this post, made sure I read more than 5 pages in malyalam at one go for the third time after Bible and Payyan Kadhakal by VKN (the companion of a summer in delhi)... this post inspiring and the travelogue awesome.. the doubts of age and the love for kottayam and the inspiration behind going for the ride....... would love meet u in person over some cold beer the next time i ever come to Trivandrum.. one person to meet i feel after the "ananthathinte minnalpinarukal"

  10. @Ousu: :-)

    Anytime, Ousu! I have my favourite watering point that I could take you to!

    I didn't think you might not be too familiar with Malayalam. I sent you the write-up because of two reasons: one, you are a biker; two, there is a kind of inward-gazing in the narrative that you would relate with.

  11. Can't help but envision every thing you have described; it's as tho I am the one doing it........ugh....great read as always Bala.........

  12. Thank you very much for the comment about my films. Glad to see your blog too. Very appealing posts. By the way, I'm an avid cycler too :)

    Do stay in touch.

    Warm regards,


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