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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Morsel in the Mouth

(This is for Insignia!)

You can feel it with your tongue-

The more you feel it

The deeper it delves

Into the crevasses of your teeth

Entrenched, stuck

It becomes part

Of your molars or wisdom.

The surreptitious search

for a toothpick -

even a matchstick to ease

the discomfort -

to poke

to probe

to dig

to dislodge

to divest, finally

that fine morsel of meat

that little bit of cashew -

or ground - haven't you gone -

nuts -

with the sheer ecstasy

the purest bliss

of toying the last of the morsel

with your tongue -

and then

hiding behind your palm

relishing it -

Love, I believe, is sometimes

Like a morsel of memory in your mind!

******** Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 14-11-2010


  1. Bala, thank you so much. The burger looks yummy and the verses makes me drool further.

    The last 2 lines are worth a thundering applause.

    "Love, I believe, is sometimes
    Like the morsel of meat in your mouth!"

    So true. But did you say meat? :-| I have not tasted any meat in my life yet! Hope it tastes divine like love :-)

  2. @Insignia: Oops, I forgot! Mr.Wisdom had told me!:) I used 'meat' just for the rhyme! Let me think, maybe i can change it...

  3. Haha you changed!! But let me confess that the previous lines were fitting.

    You should put them back there :-)

  4. @Anil: if you had noticed the final lines: lesson in mental hygiene too!!

  5. Its so like love when you put it this way..the lines of "surreptitious search" is so like teenage love..

  6. I doubt you had him removed,and thence lost all your wisdom!.It is a well known complication!

  7. @Sujata: The lesson therein is either to get your teeth and mind capped! or carry around the pain forever. Ask Insignia ! :)

    @Doc: I didn't. The sentimental fool that I am, I live with my Wisdom - teeth and enlightenment! ;)


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