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Monday, November 8, 2010

Brooding over Blogs

Do you know that I am concerned?

Do you know that I look you up every time

And turn, disheartened, disturbed

At the yawning silence?

Your pen may have dried up -

Writer’s block? Too busy or just lost interest?

Don’t you know somewhere in this mist of ether

I am following you, waiting for your words?

Do not switch off, dear blogger

Even if you are sick

Even if you do not care –

Please leave a word.

I shudder to think – are you there?


We bloggers have been drawn together by accident; we have stayed together, laughed, cried and thought together and marveled at life – together. Behind every blog there is a human being, pulsating with life. We breathe life into the inanimate screens before us. And then – suddenly someone falls silent. We notice it – and as the silence grows, we wonder what happened to that person.

Are we merely fellow travelers in a train or a bus? We are. The connections that we make here are as fragile and delicate as dew-laden gossamer sparkling in the morning sun. But then, fellow-blogger, wave a good-bye if you can. I shall look at you till you disappear beyond the curve.

What will happen to my blog when I die? Nobody else knows my password. In the depths of the archives of blogspot, my thoughts, the fragments of my life would lie like moss beneath the waters of a pool…

****** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 08-11-2010


  1. Aaah I always think on these lines. What will happen to all these 200+ posts I have written if I die :-)

    How would they know I exist no more?

    What will happen to fellow bloggers? In these almost 3 years of my blogging, I have seen very regular bloggers just quit....due to change in their routine - few students who got into a full time job, few who went on to do their higher studies, few who dont find anything else to write anymore......so on...

    As life goes on....blogging goes on as well :)

  2. Like the trees, the mountains, the wind , the sea ,Blogs too would outlive us .
    It is always a beautiful feel to think that our creations will survive even after we fade away.
    There will also be a resurrection ,that is the preamble of Nature.

  3. Truly hearfelt and truthful..wishing you a nice day

  4. very well expressed ,even i never thought on these lines.I think the best way is to have a few blogger friends through email also,so that they keep in touch constantly ,even though we write or not write.AND as you said ,mentioning the reason for isolating your blog atleast in avey short note could be one more suggestion to overcome this.

  5. It touched somewhere, somewhere in the deepest corners of my heart. Thank you sir.

    What happens to one’s blog after one’s dead and gone? They will be there on the blogosphere doing their rounds just like those astronauts, in one of those short stories by N.S.Madhavan, who were sent to the space by the erstwhile USSR and perennially trapped there floating since their country got Balkanized after they reached space. :)

  6. Oh yes..i've wondered at several blogger-friend's silence and have felt touched when apparent strangers have asked after me when my blog goes silent..

    It's wierd the way words connect souls strewn across the globe...

  7. Our blog world is indeed amazing. How we're able to connect with people across the borders with our words - sharing our thoughts, our experiences.

    What will come of it after we are gone is a tough question. It may eventually die, unless we have someone takeover. Maybe we can make a will and appoint a heir/heiress to take on the reins.

  8. Good thought RGB. So when I prepare my will, I will write, hmm.. the house, that piece of land, the car and well oh the blog, goes to so and so..
    Sorry. I have this thing of seeing the funny part first, laugh at it and then get serious.

    As Arun mentioned, the blog will live forever.

  9. I really miss two of my blogger friends who left blogger without any notice.Three of us started blogging about the same time and we were very regular at each other's page.I was so happy when out of blue one of them mailed me few days back.

    I have already shared the password of my blog with my husband and my best friend(a non blogger) -whenever i change it ,i inform them .

  10. Why worry about what happens afterwards?Only the living have problems.
    Do you worry that you will be forgtten? Millions of bloggers all over the world cant disappear that way.Dont give much complicated meanings for blogs. Just blog and enjoy blogging.
    In dimensions of time,what are we?

    Someone ,somewhere will write the same way you do now,may be after a hundred years, who knows!.

  11. @Doc: I am not worried,doc. I just wondered aloud...

  12. @Insignia, Anil, Arun, Aswathi, Raji,Gymnast, RGB, Kavitha, Sreejith:

    I am sure that these thoughts have passed through most bloggers' minds. Unlike what doc said, I am not thinking of immortality here.Nor am I worried what will happen to my writing. What happens after we leave is of no concern to us. But now, being alive, we can ruminate over it,can't we?

    The purpose of this excercise was to remind myself the fleeting nature of life; that realization makes life more precious. That realization is important to enjoy life in full awareness!

    Thanks for your comments, buddies! At least, when you decide you don't want to blog for a while, do leave a note - just keep in touch...

  13. !@#$%:<.?"+*

    that is all I have to comment on your comment.h ah ah !!!

  14. Wow! That's all I will say! I am New here. But am already impressed! Nicely expressed....

  15. Balan, I, like so many writers, have never thought about this sort of thing. You have a way with words that bring emotions to the forefront. Thoughts are then planted with your writings...Excellent write..as always.....

  16. @Sandy: I am just looking at the ways relationships are woven amongst us. Internet and Blog have truly brought us together. The modern generation takes relationships so casually, like a one-night stand. Standing at twilight, we know how wrong we have been for taking life for granted. Yet some of us put on this veneer, this facade of indifference, even as loneliness and lovelessness beat the drums of despair in our hearts!

  17. @Jyothi: Welcome and thanks for the kind words!

  18. i have worried about it too.. and I am planning to write my passwords in a secrete sealed letter to my spouse... :)

  19. ah! As demanded, here I am letting you know that I will not be able to blog for couple of more days or perhaps weeks. I am going through a location change and will take some time to settle. Until then, I will read the blog and drop in a line or two.


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