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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Accolades for a Poet

Today evening as I opened my gmail box, I found this e mail:

I am Vighnesh , a student of model school, thycaud, tvm.I just read your poem named "GOOD EVENING"in Executive Knowledge Lines.It is a very nice poem.I selected it for my resiting competition.hope your blesses will be with me. faith fully, VIGHNESH

I am humbled and touched beyond words.

Good Evening’ is one of my favourites. Do read it, if you like. My travels, My life: Good Evening

************ Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 18-11-2010


  1. Lovely poem Balanji. It is a moment of great honour I can imagine....

  2. Its great news !Good Luck to Vighnesh ! I will check the poem right after commenting here. (btw..page no 24 'when you left'...brilliant !!)
    Have a nice day .

  3. Beautiful poem, Sir. All the very best to Vignesh!

  4. Bals, dey I guess I must not comment any more about your poems.
    Its always a one word description- you know. The little boy's accolade is more than any!
    Poems reflects the heart and the state of the mind, I believe.And one cannot fake feelings into words and craft a poem.Right?

  5. Thats so nice. All the best to Vighnesh. Beautifully written poem..simple and nice

  6. @All: email from Vignesh : 'Sir, I got first prize in the competition and got selected for the higher level'.

    More than my poem, my intention in showing the email from Vighnesh was to show the interaction between us - between strangers.

    @Kavitha: happy that you're enjoying the book. Many of them have been posted as the very first post of my blog.

    @Kalpana: Thanks, Kalpana!

    @Arun, @Insignia: Thanks; and Vignesh got a first prize too! That's really nice for someone like me who has never won a first place! :D

  7. When people like our work, it is a wonderful feeling!

    Thank YOU for finding my blog :-)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  8. You have truly arrived .. B :) savor the moment!

  9. 'There are three things, after all, that a poem must reach: the eye, the ear, and what we may call the heart or the mind. It is most important of all to reach the heart of the reader.'
    Robert Frost.
    You did it.

  10. @Claudia: Namaskaram! from Trivandrum. Thanks for visiting. I found the words of a little boy more cherishable; much more than an appreciation from a pundit!

  11. @Kaalpanique: I have not 'arrived' anywhere, K! Just sharing my happiness at the words of a little boy!

    @Doc: Thanks for that lovely quote. And glad you liked 'Good Evening'.


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