“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who are You?

“Balachandran has taken a conscious decision to ignore the world around him. He seems to write from an ivory tower where he exists in the company of his emotions, his thoughts.”

As I read these lines aloud, P chuckles. ‘That describes you best!’, she exclaims.

In my room, I switch on the PC and look at the screen blankly; before me the cursor blinks in the beginning of a blank Word page, urging me to write.

Reflecting on my hitherto writings, be it poetry or prose, I realize that most of it have been about myself and my immediate world. Am I being Narcissistic? Am I too self-absorbed as to ignore the rest of the world?

Writing, to me, has always been a journey of self-discovery. The ways of the world are no doubt mysterious and fascinating, but equally so has been myself. I am intrigued by what I am, what I think I am, what the rest of the world think what I am and yet the mystery remains unsolved. The writer in me is the observer, studying myself, my reactions, the way I relate to others, the multiple personalities in me that takes the stage as the demand of the role.

Who am I? Says Ramana Maharishi – ‘What remains when you have negated all that you aren’t is the real you’. It is only through this subtractive process of self-analysis that you can understand what you are.

What P believes is not quite right. In trying to understand myself, I learn about the rest of the world too. The more I learn about myself, I learn that there isn’t much difference between myself and the rest; only subtle shades distinguish each of us. In this journey into the recesses of my mind, I am at times ashamed, at times proud; I regret and rejoice. I accept what I am; I accept what you are and all the rest of the world.


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  1. I do not know what to say. The poems tell .

  2. Cool down,Balachandran.
    Dont you know who you are?
    You are one decent guy from Trivandrum,
    who happens to be a poet,
    and has Kurup as a friend.

  3. Now where is the poem? Last time I visited your page; I saw few lines. I thought of coming back to read it; I dont find it!!!

  4. @Insignia: On second thoughts, i deleted the review; I think that will be asking too much from the reader!

  5. Your writings seem to be interesting! If you notice other bloggers, most of them, including me, write about ourselves a lot, which is human nature.

    Maybe we feel awkward to talk about ourselves in front of people, so this media - virtual - brings out the nearly 'real' us!

  6. Sorry to kill the mood. A scene from one of the Malayalam movies rushed to my mind, while I read the title.
    A person asks Mala Aravindan "Who are you?"
    Frustrated Mala questions back "You Who?"

    Getting back.. well philosophically, nobody knows who they are. But to keep it simple, let's say "You're a good simple human being"

  7. @Sreejith: On the other hand,it really enhanced the mood! :)
    In Mala's retort, lies a hidden truth, though unintentional.'You who?' I am who you are! If I know who I am,then I would know who you are! :)

    And thanks for the certificate! :D


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