“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Look at me before you leave

Stranger! Do not leave me!

I see you, the far off land, the unfamiliar flag.

Searching, searching for something and then

Finding me, a word, a phrase, leading you to me –

Do not leave me in haste, stranger!

I know, it is not fate but sheer chance

It was not destined, just a coincidence

That brought you to me.

I see you, though where, I do not know -

In the soft glare of the screen

Reading or scanning my words, my profile

Perhaps pursing your lips, perhaps smiling

Perhaps shrugging and then –

With a click –

You send me hurtling, at the speed of light

To the Black Hole, the void,

Into oblivion.

Do not leave me, my friend! Stay awhile,

Say a word or two

Look at me

To let me know

If I have reached out

And touched you

And you, me

When, for a moment

Before parting


We were one….

******* Balachandran V, Trivandrum 08-10-2010

pic courtesy: http://pauz.wordpress.com/


  1. Do you seriously think it happens by chance? For me, I always believe there are no accidents on life.Even chance encounters change our lives.
    I loved the style.

  2. Chance, coincidence Perhaps there are too much of these that engulf our lives?

  3. @Kavitha: I wrote this when I noticed the 'live traffic feed' in the side bar of my blog. Many people visit but they leave even without a hello. I am peeved. For eg., one of my earlier post, one about Kailas Yatra has been visited by several, but nobody leaves a comment - Just tell me 'Hello , I have read your piece, it is a terrible bore' at least! You google S S Dara, and the first link is to my post; again, many have read it, but leave without any comment. I demand courtesy! :)

  4. @Doc: Well, I beg to differ with you here, Doc. My observations of life has taught me that everything is a chance, an accident. On retrospection, one tries to find a pattern that doesn't exist. But that has been man's destiny, to find meaning in a meaningless life, where the only meaning is not to be mean, to oneself and to the rest of the world! Every unhappiness, every misery in the world stems from our insecurity, our fear of the truth of meaninglessness...

  5. It is the way we look at it.I think it is some kind of predetermined game.We will meet someone only if we are destined to meet.Though they appear accidental at the surface,isn't there something beyond your grasp?

  6. Touching piece. I've also felt the same several times. Some people think it is infra dig to praise others. The important thing is to keep singing; someone is listening out there even if the person is not clapping.

  7. Loved your poem...Actually wanted to leave your blog unnoticed...but let me leave my mark here, atleast just once ...
    Keep writing...There is so much fun in reading about all those things that happened when I was a kid or long before that too...

  8. Thank you, Elizabeth! I am so happy that my poem had the desired effect on least one of my visitors!

    Glad you liked the poem.


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