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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Islam and Dogs

Google the above, and you get your answer. Ritually unclean animals. Prophet Mohammed didn't like dogs. Dogs, like other animals may be treated kindly but do not keep them in the house because angels do enter the house with dogs, etc etc.

Among his bosom friends, my son has two, who are Muslims. They frequent our house, but with caution, because we have two dogs, that too mongrels, never chained, always running around in the house, leave a lot of fur on the floor, jump up on our laps; when it rains or when it is too hot they spent the nights in our bed room (Sancho, the younger one and my special pet even jumps up onto my bed and go to sleep curling into the curve of my lower legs as I sleep on my side). Whenever the snack box is opened or I bring biscuits, cutlets, samosas or vadas in the evening, they end up getting the largest share – in short, they are part of the family. Right from the time I was born 53 years ago, till date I have had dogs in my house. I simply cannot live without dogs. They are to me the fountainhead of love, faith, justice, truthfulness and all the rest of the virtues that we humans pretend we have or we aspire for. A glance, a touch of the paw, a nuzzle on my ears take away all my misery.

Coming back to the Muslim friends of my son – Akhmal is wary of the dogs though I think he really likes them but the rule of his house being to wash seven times after every visit to his friend's (my son’s) house, he merrily lies away that he had been somewhere else. But Jitin is different. The fear of dogs is so deeply rooted in him that he literally shivers when Tommy or Sancho looks at him. Even Tommy with his great charm and love has failed convert him.

I may be too biased in favour of dogs, but I cannot understand why a global and ancient religion like Islam does not tolerate such a great creature as the dog. Does this dislike extend to other animals too? Why is it that Islam or Christianity or Hinduism or almost all religions abhor rational and free thought? Why do they deny the right to think, act and live free, in love and tolerance? How can life be less important than the Faith?

Considering humanity as a whole, I guess there would be different heavens, one for humans alone and another for all the rest of the world. All I hope is that at the gates, dog-lovers and animal lovers and nature lovers like me would be invited to join the latter. The former, you see, is Hell.

************** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 19-05-2010

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_and_animals






  1. A well balanced post. I too am scared of dogs, not for any religious reasons, I’m just scared. May be fear is irrational. In the end, dogmas remain dogmas and dogs remain dogs!

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  3. slam has also condemned Pigs. And harmless, helpless creatures are they!This religion also abhor sharks , Ray fishes and crustaceans. Both as food and as creatures that can coexist with us.How can any thought whether ancient or modern condemn living beings that are here to enhance the beauty of living?
    It is in the nature of religions to pedal bigotry. Whether it is because of incorrect interpretation or facts from the scriptures I know not.
    But Bala, let not the Hindu bastion know that you keep dogs and dogs that are Muslims.


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