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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Book Release

I was not really keen on a formal function for the release of the book. But then, Mr. N T Nair, publisher of the magazine in which my poems and articles have appearing regularly for the last nearly couple of years, insisted that it be included along with the function for the launch of his magazine's 50th issue. Prof.B Hridayakumari, writer, educationist, etc etc ( She is well known and highly respected in Kerala, not only as a venerated teacher of English language but also for her work in educational reforms, writings on literature) happily agreed to release the book. It was an unforgettable moment for me when she lavished praises and even read out a poem, 'The Leftover'. I will always cherish her words.
A few photos given below:


  1. Wao.... many many congratulations... the day finally came... great! Hope to get a copy soon.. will it be avialble in Delhi easily...

    I really liked the cover page

  2. Congratulations! Hope to find a copy of it in Bangalore sometime soon.

  3. I am so happy about this to have happened, finally. Lets see one of these days. Onam!

  4. @imagination: Thanks, K! I don't know whether Writers Workshop will be giving it to bookshops in Delhi. Its a limited edition of 350 copies. I can either send you one or send it through Mr. Suresh Elamon when he comes for vatavaran. I am still toying with the idea of coming over there myself; if that be the case, I will personally hand over one to you!

    @LSD: Ditto for Bangalore too. If you give your postal address with phone no., I can courier a copy to you. Thanks, again!

    Gopu: Thanks and hope to see you one day soon!

  5. If you can come to Vatavaran, nothing like that. :-)

  6. I was there at the book release. Prof. Hrithayakumari's speech was memorable, with subtle words she drew a perceptive picture of Balan's poetry. The moon mission hero ISRO chief G. Madhavan Nair too was there on the dias. To him she turned and said. "Now, listen to a small poem:
    Beyond yonder branch of the mango tree,
    Just within touching distance--
    My moon!"
    (This a crude translation of the wonderful Malayalam poem she recited).
    There was a big smile on Madhavan Nair's face. It was as though he had just then become aware of the beauty of the moon the scientists had been trying to conquer.

  7. congrats sir!!!
    this is indeed a very good news...
    Hope you have more book releases... Ones where you receive a lot more praise!!!

  8. It is an honor and privilege to bestow praises for someone such as yourself. You are one of the finest writers that I have ever read. May you have many more days of praise for other writes.. You have earned it... Sandy

  9. hey
    congrats.. wish you many more book releases :)

  10. Congratulations!
    do i see karat behind H teacher?:-)

  11. @pjk: Naah, thats the Penpol Balagopal, who makes blood bags and such other surgical latex products.A former IAS, he is a successful entrepreneur in Trivandrum. He does have a remarkable resemblance to Karat! :)


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