“through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us. . ."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dream traveler

In the dream

I had reached the railway station.

Now I run through the hallway

Dodging people and baggage

Beggars sprawled on the floor


Slipping, cutting across long queues where

Travelers stood patiently

Tired, shoulders sloping, eyes vacant

Unmindful of the dust, sweat and the sullen children.

Past the metal detector and the indifferent policemen,

Frantic, I look up and down the platform and then

Speed to the stairway over the rails, to the next platform.

Now I pant, I feel pain in my chest, I gasp.

Down the steps, past the vendors of tea, water and snacks

Past the trolleys with sacks of mail.

I have this crushing dull pain

In my heart

This vacuum blowing up

Emptying my mind of all

My limbs droop, muscles melt

As waves of weariness spread up

Like invading armies of ants.

I lean back to a cold iron pillar.

On my left, darkness lifts

Unfurling the rails

Glinting in the morning sun

As the train pulls out

Ahead of me,

Without me.

************* Balachandran, Trivandrum 15.06.2009


  1. The momentum is great could feel the pressure and the panting as i read. Great work thanks for finally stopping by, each comment, however many, is special.

  2. Been there and experienced this feeling many times. Nice written.

  3. cud feel along you..panting..gasping.. :)

  4. This was a dream, ladies,a recurring dream a few years ago. I analysed it to my version of fear of 'missing the bus'. There was such a despair in my heart.

  5. The playlist is not visible on your blog

  6. very nice poem sir ... came here from indiblogger ... would u check my blog too ?


  7. Ah! So very thoughtful...could visualize as I read every word.

  8. You write this so very graphic, and it draws your readers into your every step along the process. This is an interesting dream indeed. One would wonder what the significance of this would be. You awake to reality to find whatever you wanted to do or be, or have, is gone and you missed it all.. Excellent penning, imagery, and feeling.... Sandy


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