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Friday, May 29, 2009


“Behold, Ladies and Gentlemen, the heart!”

The venerable doctor professor said, holding up

The bleeding heart in his hand, fresh,

Of the young man, dead, on the table.

“Now, I cut it laterally into two,

Observe the atrium, ventricles, aorta etc.”

The heart still throbbed, blood dripped,

And thought to itself;

How little these men know!

They see the chambers and think them

To be empty.

Empty they are now, but he,

My dead man would remember

The hopes, the dreams, the loves

He held in them not so long ago.

‘I am not just a piece of flesh and blood’,

Spoke the heart, aloud,

‘Do not think of me as just a functional utility.

I am, said great poets and thinkers

The seat of love sublime.

I break, when life crumbles

I beat louder and faster in happiness and anger

I ache when you are in pain’.

I ache when you are in pain

I ache when you are in pain’

Chorused the hearts in unison.

As the amazed venerable doctor professor

And the aspiring student doctors watched

Their hearts broke out through their mouths

Spouting blood in showers

Spreading across the floor

Where it sprouted roses red.

************** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 28-05-2009


  1. An extremely dramatic work of the most eminent caliber. It is laden with feelings that pulled me inside out. It is somewhat traumatic, or at least for me it is. The ending demands an applause many times over...first-class write, Balan


  2. may i ask,wat exactly possessed u to write this ?

  3. guess I was 'possessed' at the time of writing... beyond the agony of heart break, one goes into a hallucinatory state of mind. When people misunderstand you, when your heart tries so hard to tell them, this is what I mean, this is what I mean, and people still disbelieve you,what else can the heart do, but show them a garden of crimson roses?

    One cannot really explain what one goes through while writing - at least sometimes...


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