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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Girl in Love

There is a twinkle in her eyes

That would be the envy of stars.

Lips would almost break into a smile

Instead, it shines on her glowing cheeks -

Love, oh, to be young and in love!

In her voice, bangles clink

Her mischievous curls, spring-like, tease

Fingers restless, entwine, tremble

As they would, through his hair -

Love, oh, to be young and in love!

Happiness is a breeze

that sways her in grace

Her feet dance, they fly

For she is in love with a boy -

Love, oh, to be young and in love!

*** Balachandran V, Trivandrum 09.05.2009


  1. to b young and in love..la la la...to b young..la la..and in love..la la la

  2. wao! too good....its an amazing feeling to be in love I really liked this one!

  3. Kinda breeze,what a chirpy feel inside..


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