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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Deathbed

I slept on it, dreamt, planned my life

Here is his name I scratched, in madness of love.

This stain you see is my blood

Shed, in hope that he would love me more.

I take leave, my bed, let others sleep on thee,

Give them the love and life you gave me

But tell them not, the secrets we shared.

Tell them, if you wish, that I once laid on you

But tell them not I lost myself on your posts.

I take leave, my bed, may thee be host

To lives worthy more than me - here, a toast to thee!

************** (Balachandran V, 16.05.2009, Trivandrum

(for Kalpana Parashar - thanks for the inspiration!)


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  2. This is an extraordinary masterpiece balan. Very unusual content. Much like the famous poets of olden days...brilliant work....



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